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23 Inspiring Pond With Waterfall Ideas for Your Backyard

23 Inspiring Pond With Waterfall Ideas For Your Backyard

The pond waterfall is a beautiful addition to any landscape. Creating the perfect water feature can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! With these 23 pond waterfall ideas, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and aesthetic needs.

Small Pond With Waterfall Ideas

1. Au Naturale

small pond in corner garden

With such a beautiful design, setting up the Au Naturale waterfall and making the garden look its best becomes worth the effort. This small pond waterfall is perfect for those who want their garden filled with lush plants and seem like a true natural gem.

2. Pond Waterfall In A Bowl

 pond waterfall in a bowl

A pond in a bowl is great for those who want something more subtle. It’s much easier to move than a big pond, but it will still have the same calming effect on your backyard. This is the perfect solution if you’ve ever wanted to have an outdoor space for entertaining guests. Place it near your seating area for maximum effect.

3. Pond with Lily Pads

pretty lily pad flower in pond

A water lily pond is a great place to have a waterfall, as it can provide an excellent deal of scenery for your backyard. Waterfalls are aesthetically pleasing, and they also offer sound therapy. A waterfall will make your backyard space tranquil, which can help you relax. This will be a nice change from the noise that you may experience during the day.

4. Koi Pond Waterfall Idea

koi fish swimming in pond

This pond has plenty of room for koi fish to grow and thrive. The waterfalls will provide the fish with oxygen, which they need to thrive. Koi are social creatures and like living with other fish, regardless of their species.

5. Rock stack

stacked rock fountain in garden

The rock stack also makes a great addition to your landscaping with little or no maintenance. You can make the top of the rock like a waterfall. If you are looking for some indoor decorating ideas, you can use these as well!

There are many ways that you can combine different elements to create this rock stack. Here are the steps you need to make a stacked stone water feature in your landscape.

Large Pond With Waterfall Ideas

6. Urban Pond with Waterfall

stone border around garden pond

What could be better than an urban pond in your backyard? They are simple to build, and the experience is always enjoyable. Many different types of waterfalls can be built for your urban pond. The trick is to find the one that will fit in with the natural landscape of your yard.

7. Woodland Landscaping Pond

peaceful and relaxing garden with pond

Woodland ponds are very common. People enjoy having them in their backyard not only for their beauty but also because they are very relaxing.

There are different types of fish-safe rubber liners which you can use for your pond. There are also limestone rocks embedded into the water, so you get a natural effect.

8. Floating Pathway Pond

floating pathway over pond in your backyard

Having a pond in your backyard is both fun and relaxing. It would be an opportunity to explore the natural world. With the floating pathway in your backyard, it could look like you're walking on water. Read this helpful article for more information on floating steps.

9. Waterfall in Vegetable Garden

waterfall in vegetable garden

Adding a waterfall in the vegetable garden or backyard is an excellent idea. Your family and guests can relax in your garden when they want to spend time together.

The best kind of pond waterfall is the one that has a natural rock edge with plants surrounding them. You might also be interested in our stone edging ideas for the garden.

10. Botanical Garden with Waterfall

pond and waterfall with flowers

A botanical garden is perfect for turning your yard into a picturesque setting. To do this, surround the pond and waterfall with flowers. If you want to make them more exciting or colorful, plant different flowers close to each other.

One option is to plant daylilies, irises, meadow sage, ornamental grasses, and wildflowers around the pond. Here are some more flower garden ideas for inspiration.

11. Pondless Waterfall

pond and waterfall with stacked flat rocks and pebble

A pondless waterfall made from stacked flat rocks is an excellent alternative to a pond for a small backyard. A pump is used to transport the water from the pebbled area up to the top of the waterfall to create the beautifully relaxing sound of cascading water. This guide will show you how to build a pondless waterfall with a stream.

12.Vessel Feature

beautiful water feature in garden

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a pond in your backyard? This pond features a vessel from which water flows over rocks and is artfully illuminated to enjoy the evening.

13. Rustic stone wall

beautiful rustic stone wall waterfall in backyard

The rustic stone waterfall is the perfect feature for the landscaping idea. This wall is easy to create by arranging stones in style. It has a warm, natural appearance typical of old buildings.

DIY Pond Waterfall Ideas

14. Bamboo fountain

Small pond with bamboo fountain

The bamboo fountain is an excellent choice for those looking to create an Asian feel to their garden. Bamboo is well known for its ability to clean pond water, and it even absorbs sunlight for hours which can help warm your pond during the winter months. Learn how to build a bamboo fountain for your garden with this DIY project.

15. Wall of water

wall of water in small garden

If you are looking for a way to spice up your backyard with an unusual decor idea, the wall of water is the perfect solution. This exterior decoration is almost hypnotic to look at and will provide your garden with a center point.

The wall of water is best suited for a larger space. However, it can be used in the center of a pond or on pebbles.

16. Raised Timber Pond with Water Feature

 raised timber pond with water feature

This raised timber design looks like it would take quite some planning to work out how the water moves through the different tiers. If you are looking for more awesome timber landscaping ideas, our guide will come in handy.

17. Canoe Pond

small garden and pond in canoe

This canoe pond is a fantastic idea to add to your yard. It looks cool, and it seems like you navigate the water in a canoe, which would be fun. This is one of the most excellent abstract pond ideas we've ever seen! You should consider this for your pond!

18. Letterbox Style

Pond and waterfall with shrubs

One of the most calming and soothing sounds in life is water movement. A soothing sound that can be heard ever so faintly when you walk past a pond or waterfall.

The letterbox waterfall design is an open, modern arrangement that uses very little space and comes with various styles and colors to fit your decorating needs.

19. Waterfall Stairs in Rectangular Pond

rectangular pond with waterfall in garden

The design of this rectangular pond is perfect for a Zen garden. The waterfall is done in such a way that it cascades down the steps. You would need to have more than one step so you can have more movement. 

This kind of rectangular pond is a great match with corner garden ideas for small spaces.

20. Illuminated

small pond with stacked stone waterfall

An illuminated waterfall can help to create a romantic, peaceful space. The pond waterfall features lights that focus on the rocks and plants at night.

Raised Pond Waterfall Ideas

21. Raised Pond With Paving Stones

raised pond with paving stones in garden

A form of the raised pond with paving stones is one idea for a waterfall. The price and sizes vary depending on what you want. You can also add boulders or rocks.

22. Whiskey Barrel Water Feature

Pond made from whiskey barrel

If you're looking for a waterfall that doesn't take up any space, you should turn to a whiskey barrel pond. It is an excellent example of how to be creative in designing a home pond.

23. Flower Bed Waterfall

flower wooden bed waterfall in backyard garden

Garden designers are always looking for creative ways to incorporate water in their designs. One option is to create a flowerbed waterfall that will add movement and sound to your garden. Waterfalls come in many different sizes and shapes to design them with the space you have available.


The size of the pond or water feature will depend on how much space you have available. For a small garden with little room for a large pond area, consider installing a miniature pond instead. If you’re looking for more abstract ideas and don't take up any room at all, we recommend using either a whiskey barrel or flat rock version of this outdoor decoration.

21 Creative Outdoor Bar Ideas That Will Inspire You!

21 Creative Backyard Bar Ideas That Will Inspire You!

The backyard is a great place to hang out with family and friends, so why not have a bar area set up? This way, you'll have plenty of space for everyone to sit around the table or on the couches while enjoying cocktails. If you're looking for some ideas to liven up your yard, read on!

Morden Outdoor Bar Ideas

1.Outdoor Bar With Pizza Oven

delicious food set-up on table

Adding a pizza oven to your backyard is not only practical for entertaining but also aesthetically pleasing. The design of this backyard bar features an open-air bar complete with countertops and decorative touches like flowers and potted plants.

The tree adds height to the space, giving the patrons of the backyard bar some shade, while the outdoor chairs provide comfort. In this guide, you can learn how to design an outdoor kitchen area.

2. Mixed Stone Bar

beautiful and cozy kitchen in backyard

Many people will enjoy having a place to gather and relax outside. You can create a bar by adding a large counter with stools and other decorations to make the space feel welcoming. Want more rock garden landscaping ideas? We've got plenty in this guide.

3. Sidebar Pub Shed

wooden bar build in garden

A bar shed backyard bar is a great way to entertain friends and family, bond with the dog, and relax while enjoying cigars, good food, and drinks.

It would be an excellent place to hang out with friends and family, even on a rainy day. It's also an ideal place for watching Yankee games! Learn how to build a bar shed in your backyard with this step-by-step guide.

4. Combination Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Kitchen and bar built in nice landscape

Combo outdoor kitchen and bar is an impressive stone structure perfect for hosting a summer cookout.

One of the advantages of this design is that it combines a bar counter and chairs with the grilling station, so everyone can visit while the food is sizzling. 

But when you plan your outdoor bar and grill combo, carefully consider the elements and proximity to your home. If there's a prevailing wind, it won't blow smoke in the faces of your guests at the bar.

5. Hot Tub Bar

Hot tub and bar built in backyard garden

The patio could have a minimal look, which is perfect for a low-key but still summery feel. This idea could be great for a backyard party or an adult get-together. Even if it's just relaxing with a drink, this hot tub bar will make the perfect backdrop. You might want to see more hot tub deck ideas in our guide.

6. Outdoor Bar With Tile

Chairs arranged front bar

This outdoor bar is perfect for hosting intimate gatherings in the backyard. The tile in black and white is in excellent condition and looks like it would suit any bar. Get inspired by this tiled outdoor bar design collection for more ideas!

7. Fire Pit with Bar

Fire Pit and bar built in patio

The stone bar around the perimeter of the fire pit provides a place to sit down and drink, eat, and relax. The area could be littered with lounge chairs or benches for sitting on. Looking for more backyard fire pit ideas? Our feature has more inspiring looks.

Outdoor Bar Ideas On A Budget

8. Wine Barrel Bar

drink and food on wine barrel bar

Having a wine barrel bar in your backyard will give you a great place to relax with friends and family. You can have a table that seats 4 people for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres or a table that seats 6 people for dinner.

This idea could be the perfect addition to your backyard space. Here is a helpful guide that explains how you can make a rustic wine barrel bar.

9. L-Shaped Pallets

L-shaped pallets bar in backyard

The L-shape pallets bar is a beautiful addition to any backyard! This shape allows for a long table with space for drinks, food, and your next big idea. Have fun with your design and decorate each side of the L to represent a different theme! This tutorial will show you how to build an L-shaped bar.

10. DIY Cinder Block and Pallet Outdoor Bar

Cinder block and wooden bar at corner

This DIY bar is perfect for hosting a party on the patio. You can find all the materials needed to build this outdoor bar at any home improvement store. It's a stylish and modern design with rugged charm because of the pallet-supported cinder block legs.

11. Outdoor Bar Cart with Plant Stand

outdoor bar cart with plant stand

This outdoor bar table is perfect for a wedding, engagement party, or other events where you want to make your guests feel welcomed. The top shelf is ideal for putting a bottle opener and napkins, while the lower shelves can hold flowers or other decorations.

You could also use this cart to showcase your favorite plants if you love gardening. Follow the steps below to make an outdoor bar cart table.

12. DIY Pallet and Door Bar

pallet and door bar in backyard garden

This simple DIY bar project is perfect for an outdoor bar. All you need are some pallets, some paint, and an old door. This bar is so easy to build. The hardest part may be choosing a paint color! Here's how to make a DIY door bar from a pallet.

13. Garden Bar with Rope Lighting

hanging a rope lighting in bar

For a more rustic backyard bar, go for a trendy hipster bar. Another option is to use driftwood and create a hanging light fixture with rope lights.

14. DIY Pipe Bar Cart

Glasses and bottle of alcohol placed on Pipe bar cart

This DIY pipe bar cart idea is to use pipes and fittings to make the frame. The shelves can be simple wooden boards cut to size, with the lines painted in a color of your choice.

15. Farmhouse Bar

Wooden bar built in garden

This farmhouse bar idea would be a great backyard bar for people who have a farm or live in a rural area. You can find the materials for this project around the farm and add more decorative elements.

16. Repurposed Non-Working Refrigerator

Diy bar in backyard garden

This outdoor bar is made by taking an old, non-working refrigerator and topping it with wooden pallets. It is also great for creating a vintage look. There are many different ways in which one would customize this based on the resources available.

Think of this project as an inspiration for your backyard bar idea. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make a bar out of an old refrigerator.

17. Sewing Cabinet

small diy bar in garden

If you are really into DIY projects, then I am sure you have put a lot of thought into the idea of turning an old sewing cabinet into a backyard bar.  It is such a rustic and charming way to say “cheers.”

Aside from this, sewing cabinets make for great serving stations because they usually have drawers and shelves where you can store condiments and other bar supplies. Learn how to turn an old sewing cabinet into an outdoor bar with this guide.

Garden Bar Ideas With Roof

18. Beautiful Pergola with A Bar

Beautiful Pergola with a bar in backyard

This outdoor bar is an excellent idea that you can build on a budget. It's a two-post pergola with an added bar shelf. Add a few patio bar stools and enjoy this peaceful space to have coffee, family dinner, or entertain guests on a hot summer night!

19. Swim-Up Bar

a swimming pool built next to bar

A swim-up bar is a great way to enjoy a drink while in the pool. The kitchen area gives you a place to prepare food and a covered area that provides a fantastic atmosphere. You can enjoy the pool from inside or outside, but the stone seating in the bar area completes this hybrid design.

20. Tiki Bar

A beautiful tiki bar in garden

A tiki bar is an excellent idea for an outdoor space. Replacing your backyard with a tiki design could be the perfect way to create that escape you’ve always dreamed of.

21. Log Cabin Bar

small bar and fireplace in backyard garden

A log cabin bar is a fantastic way to create a cozy atmosphere in your backyard. You can also incorporate the fireplace into the design of the bar, creating a very rustic feel. Our storage firewood ideas will provide you with some inspiration if you are looking for a place to store your leftover logs.


If you are looking for a backyard bar design, there are many different ideas to choose from. The designs range in size and budget, so it is easy to find one that will work best with your space or create something new! Regardless of the type of outdoor bar you want, we hope this article has given you some inspiration.

23 Amazing Corner Garden Ideas For You To Get Inspired

23 amazing corner garden Ideas For You To Get Inspired

Would you like more greenery in your backyard? Corner gardens are a great way to do that. Whether you are looking for ideas to spruce up your garden or just want to see some fantastic examples of what is possible, this list will provide you with plenty of inspiration. Here are 23 corner gardens that will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas.

Small Corner Garden Ideas

1. Mixed Garden

small garden with flower and plant

This is an adorable idea for an outdoor area. It’s not too large and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time or money in the backyard. You can use a variety of plants and flowers, depending on what you prefer.

2. Succulents and Cacti Oasis

Small corner garden with succulents and acti oasis

Succulents and cacti oasis can be an excellent idea for a corner garden. They can provide a rough and prickly touch to your garden than the more traditional plants. Choosing the right succulent is easy. Using this guide, you can gain a better understanding of how to grow succulents.

You can find more inspiration for the look in our inspiring rock garden ideas feature.

3. Cozy Nook for Corner Yard

table and chair place in backyard garden

A cozy nook is perfect for any landscaping and can be a great place to enjoy your morning coffee in peace. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a nook and reading your favorite novel with your plants all around you.

4. Get Spotted with A Decorative Tree

a big tree plant in corner garden

The benefit of having a decorative tree in the garden is providing shade in the summer. This means that you can have a shady spot out in the garden when it gets really hot. A decorative tree also looks attractive and can bring color to your garden.

Corner Flower Bed Ideas

5. Raised Planters for Corner Yard

Raised Planters for Corner Yard

A raised planter is an excellent idea for anyone with limited space in their yard. Raised planters are usually made of wood, stone, or other materials. There are so many different kinds of plants and vegetables that can grow in them. This guide will show you how to build a sunny corner with raised planters.

6. Simple Flower Bed Ideas

flower bed in corner garden

One of the most common corner garden ideas is having a raised bed designed with edging. In addition to the raised bed, there are various other garden bed shapes and sizes to consider, such as box planters and circular gardens. Love the look? You might like our edging ideas with rocks too.

7. Corner Garden with Cinder Blocks

Flower corner garden with cinder block

This is an excellent idea if you need to use any corner space in your yard. It is very cost-effective and relatively easy to do. All you'll need is some cinder blocks and a hammer to create your garden extension. If you want something with a more excellent look, consider using bricks instead of cinder blocks. You can find plenty of inspiration from this collection of cinder block raised beds.

Backyard Corner Landscaping Ideas

8. Oasis with Fire Pit

A corner garden with a fire pit

Something is relaxing and serene about a corner garden with a fire pit. A few chairs, patio string lights, and a fire pit are pretty much all you need to create your corner garden in the backyard. Looking for more backyard fire pit ideas? You will find plenty in our guide.

9. Rock Garden for Yard Corner

small rock garden for backyard corner

An excellent option for a dark corner is to plant a succulent zen garden. It can help control erosion, maintain the natural beauty of your grass. You can find how to make a DIY Zen garden in this guide.

10. Corner Garden with Waterfall

Corner Garden with Waterfall

The waterfall adds so much to the garden and makes it seem so tranquil. This would be perfect for anyone who likes to take long walks and wants to enjoy the sound of running water. If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your backyard, this is one of the many ways to make it more enjoyable. Here are some ideas for small pond waterfalls if you need further inspiration.

11. Boho-style Corner Garden Idea

Boho-style Corner Garden

This garden landscaping idea would include flowers, lights, and other decorative items in the Bohemian style. The boho style is associated with tribal patterns woven into their clothing for an earthy or hippie vibe. 

Love the look as much as we do? Bohemian chic garden ideas will further inspire you to create a charming scheme.

12. Vertical Garden Idea

A vertical garden for backyard corner

A vertical garden is a perfect option for people who don't have much space in their backyard. A deck wall and comfy sitting area will serve as the ideal mood-setter for your garden. See our recent guide for even more timber landscaping ideas.

13. Corner Garden with Cozy Seating

seating bench in backyard corner

This garden seating idea is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your space. In addition, it's a good spot for enjoying a book or sitting down with drinks and snacks. You can also add some flowering plants in the little corner garden for an added pop of color and ambiance in your outdoor space. Follow these instructions to transform your awkward corner garden into a looking-chic corner garden.

14. Hanging Flower Garden Boxes

Hanging Flower Garden Boxes on Wall

This design for a corner garden provides an example of how you can utilize unused space in your yard. A hanging box is a good idea for a corner garden that takes up relatively little space. It can be used to get vegetables or flowers.

15. Fountain Garden Idea

Corner garden with fountain

Incorporating a fountain into your yard can help you achieve an area that is both peaceful and calming. When deciding to have a corner garden, consider the specifics and the size of the space before adding in any additional elements such as a pond or fountain. Looking for other water features? This article has plenty to offer.

16. Be Creative with Gallery Wall

 cozy garden corner

Having a corner garden with a gallery wall is an excellent idea for adding more plants to your backyard. This will also help you with having something exciting and different in the outdoor area. Check out the gallery wall and privacy screen ideas in this article if you need more inspiration.

17. Backyard Garden with A Pond

Backyard Garden with A Pond

This is a great way to use the space, and it will add an element that people can interact with. Water plants help beautify this area, and the bamboo fence gives the garden an Eastern feel. Other plants, stone pathways, and rocks add unity to this space.

18. Corner Yard with Lanterns

Corner Yard with Lanterns

The corner backyard seating with lanterns is an excellent idea for people who want cultural and comfortable outdoor landscaping. The pergola roof gives the garden a feeling of comfort, while the white paper lanterns overhead provide an atmosphere during nighttime. It also brings in a festival feel to the yard. You may also add string lights in the area.

19. Decorate Corner Garden with Pop Style

pebble path through garden

Owners of corner gardens can use benches as a way to add color and as well as a focal point. In addition, the bench provides a nice place to sit and enjoy their garden, or it can be used as a resting spot on a walk through the neighborhood. Adding a pop-style bench is also a great way to make your corner garden unique and stylish.

20. Trellis

plants climbing on fence

Trellis is a great idea to have in your corner garden. It saves space and can be used for plants to grow upon, such as ivy plants. Trellises are not only good space savers but also create a cool and relaxed atmosphere in your corner garden.

21. Climbing Wall

flower and vegetable in corner garden

A corner garden with a climbing wall will help you grow vegetables. The corner garden can also provide you with a place for herbs and spices. If you need inspiration, check out our feature for more ideas on flower gardens.

22. Sculpture


One of the most creative corner garden ideas is with a sculpture. This idea works well in a narrow spot or when you have a small yard. You can find all kinds of different garden sculptures in this collection.

23. Put a shed in the corner

a shed built in corner garden

Storage sheds are versatile, and you can put pretty much anything in them. They are also great for storing tools, gardening equipment, and all those other bits and pieces. You might also be interested in our outdoor firewood storage ideas for more inspiration.


If you don't have much space in your corner yard, consider adding something exciting and different to the area, such as a gallery wall or hanging flower garden boxes. If you're looking to create a space that's both cultural and comfortable outdoors, then look no further than the pergola roof with white paper lanterns overhead - it will give off a festival feel during evening hours!

Top 21 Dog Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

21 Dog Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

Do you have a dog that is often running off and getting into trouble? Maybe it's time to install a fence. Many people think they need an expensive brick or wire fence, but the truth is there are many cheap and easy options for building fences around your property. Here we'll explore some ideas for materials to use to build a secure dog fence!

1. Pallet Fence

Pallet dog fence build in the backyard garden

If you want a simple fence for your dog but still want it to be effective, you should try building a pallet dog fence. This is easy to make and can be customized to any size or shape that you need. You can also build an open-air shelter for your dog to enjoy the fresh air and create a living space. For more inspiration, see this collection of DIY pallet dog fence ideas.

2. Wooden Fence

dog running in the snow

Wooden dog fences are a great way to keep your pets safe in the backyard. They're durable, sturdy, and will last for years to come. Wooden fences are also inexpensive, making them a good option for someone on a budget.

3. No Dig Dog Fence

dog standing on the fence

If you have a natural area next to your property, a no-dig fence for dogs may be the best route to take to avoid any issues with digging near the roots of trees and plants. These fences are ideal for people who cannot dig up their yards. Here's the guide on how to build DIY no dig dog fencing.

4. DIY Fence With PVC Pipe

Dog Fence with PVC Pipe built in garden

This idea is easy to execute and will not cost much money. They use a plastic garden fence with PVC pipes to create an enclosure for their dog. It is temporary but easy to set up and take down if you are looking for something that isn't very permanent. This guide will show you how to build a removable backyard fence for your dog.

5. Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs

dog looking at something

Poultry fencing provides a sturdy and durable way to keep dogs from escaping from your yard. It is a dual-use type in that it is a great idea to keep dogs out of your flock and functions to keep them in.

6. Chain Link Fence

2 dogs are standing next to chain link fence

Having a chain link fence for dogs in your backyard can be very useful and practical. The enclosure should be made from durable materials that will not break, such as steel or iron.

7. Lattice Dog Fencing

dog lying on grass

Dog fence ideas include many different options of fences to keep your dog from escaping. If you have a relatively small space for your dog to roam, a lattice fence will probably be the best option for you.

8. Privacy Vinyl Fence

Privacy Vinyl fence and green grass

A vinyl fence is a great way to keep your dog from being distracted by passersby or from seeing people walking by. This type of fence comes in many different styles, but a solid vinyl privacy fence can be an excellent option for dog owners.

9. Small Dog Fence Idea

A small dog looking at the fence

The perfect solution for a fence is a wrought iron fence with aluminum pickets. A wrought iron fence is at the ideal height to not allow your small dog from getting out of the yard.

10. Invisible Dog Fence Idea

electric coil on grass

An underground fence in your backyard is one of the best ways to have your dog stay in your yard. Underground electric fences are invisible, so there is no need for the owner to worry about it when entering their home. For more information about installing an underground electric fence for pets, read this article.

11. Mesh Fence

dog running with a ball on his mouth

Setting up a fence for your dogs can sound like a big hassle, but it doesn't have to be! Mesh fences are perfect for dog-owners who want to give their pups some space but keep them secured.

12. PVC Fence For Dog

PVC dog Fence built on ground

PVC fence is a good option for pet owners because it can be quickly installed and is inexpensive. Dogs can run around without destroying the rest of the backyard. The design is simple, with minimal pieces of plastic pipe and fittings.

13. Aluminum Fence

Bitbull dog looking at something

Having an aluminum fence for dogs in your backyard is a great way to keep them safe. Aluminum fences are also great for keeping the yard looking tidy. If you have a medium or large-sized dog, most iron or aluminum fences will keep them in as they cannot jump over it.

14. Picket Fence

black dog sitting next to fence

A picket fence is an attractive option for many people looking to enclose their yard, particularly if they have a smaller dog breed. A low-sitting, wooden picket fence satisfies aesthetic and security needs by keeping your dog safe in the yard and providing a traditional look with lots of curb appeal.

15. Rustic Fence

dog standing next to a tree

A rustic dog fence is a unique way to keep your dogs from escaping. It may take some time and effort to make the fence, but the result is worth it when you have a rustic-looking dog fence that goes well with your property.

16. Portable Dog Fence

Portable dog fence built in backyard

One of the best ways to make sure that your dog stays in the yard with the fence is to build a portable fence. This is cheaper than getting a permanent fence.

17. Rail Fence

Rail Fence built around house

If you want to keep your property looking like a farm and not an industrial lot, that's a great option. You can also customize the size and style to make sure it matches the look of your house. Find more information about garden fences for acreages in this guide.

18. Peep Bubble Dog Window

dog looking something from window fence

A peep bubble dog fence is an excellent product for any dog owner who wants to ensure that their pet stays safe yet visible to anyone outside the home. The openings are usually sized so that the complete head and neck of the dog can be seen through them.

19. No Jumping Fence

wooden and metal fence for garden

Some of the designs you can use for no jumping dog fences are chain link fences and decorative fences. These designs incorporate nicer styles of wood, brick, vinyl, or metal. They also provide a sense of privacy from your neighbors if you do not want them to see your backyard. Read this blog post for more information about how to keep a dog from jumping fences.

20. Fence For Large Dogs

2 big dogs looking at something

One of the benefits of having a dog fence around your yard is that it provides you with added security. You can feel safe when you are outside playing, gardening, or even just sitting in the backyard. The first thing to consider when choosing a dog fence is the size of the dog.

21. Outdoor Dog Fence With Gate

dog lying on grass

Dog fences give your pet more freedom by giving them their own space and allowing them to run and play. The fence will let them explore without the risk of running away or getting into trouble. A wooden fence with a gate provides a nice look and can be made from recycled materials such as pallets.


Dogs can be very naughty. They are curious and want to explore the world around them, so you must provide a safe place in your yard for your pup to play or exercise while giving you peace of mind that they won't escape! We hope this article has helped guide you toward making an informed decision about which type of fence will work best for both yourself and your four-legged friend.

19+ Fire Pit Seating Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

19+ Fire Pit Seating Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

If you are looking to make your outdoor space more inviting, it is essential to think about how the furniture will work with the space.

Outdoor fire pits are great for entertaining guests because they can provide warmth and light and make for a cozy atmosphere. But, some considerations need to be made before purchasing the fire pit seatings.

That’s why we have put together this list of seating ideas that you can use in conjunction with your new fire pit!

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

1. Stone Bench Sofa

fire pit with Stone Bench Sofa

A stone bench sofa is a natural and stylish way to build your backyard living space. It is styled with an L-shape that includes three cushions for seat comfort. The chairs are adorned with light blue cushions to match the traditional color scheme.

2. Egg Chairs

egg chair and fire pit on patio

It is great to have a hanging egg chair or two around the fire pit because it is the perfect space to enjoy and relax. It has a soothing, swaying feel as well as providing comfort.

3. Stamped Seat Wall

fire pit with stamped seat wall

The idea is to have stamped seat wall around the fire pit that contrasts with the green grass. It would be a way that we could personalize the space and make it unique for us. You can find more inspiration for the look in this blog post of the stamped seat wall and fire pit designs.

4. Outdoor Daybeds

Outdoor daybed placed next to fire pit

If you are looking for a way to make your fire pit area more comfortable, adding outdoor daybeds is one way to do it. The daybed cushions allow you to relax and stretch out, making it a lot more pleasant. You can choose an outdoor daybed that is covered or shaded.

5. Sunken Fire Pit Seating


Sunken fire pit seating arrangements complement the designs of different outdoor spaces. Typically, sunken fire pit seats are made from concrete, stone, or brick and feature a built-in gazebo to protect the area from wind and other weather elements.

The sunken fire pits also give people a chance to relax while still feeling part of the surrounding landscape.

6. Teak Lounge Chair

fire pit and chair in back yard

Having the teak lounge chair around the fire pit area will bring out feelings of calmness and serenity. It provides that sense of comfort that we all like.

7. Tree Stump

tree stump placed around fire pit

Some people install benches where they can sit and enjoy the flames. However, benches can be expensive and often take up too much space.

One idea might be to have tree stump seats for your fire pit area. They are usually fairly easy to find and relatively cheap. This guide will show you how to turn tree stumps into fire pit seatings.

8. Swivel Chairs

fire pit set on patio in backyard

The combination of different seating styles adds visual interest to the area around the fire pit, which is where we would place them to create an inviting atmosphere. Swivel chairs allow you to turn in any direction with ease and chat with everyone at the party.

9. Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chair around fire pit

Having Adirondack chairs for a fire pit area is an excellent idea if you're looking for a more rustic feel outdoors. You can have an Adirondack chair mixed with a modern outdoor dining set or stool.

10. Concrete Stools

fire pit on patio in backyard

Having concrete stools around the fire pit area provides a great deal of stability for your guests while also providing a solid and durable foundation to ensure comfort. These stools will withstand any type of weather, including wet or windy conditions.

Backyard Fire Pit Seating Ideas

11. Hanging Swings

fire pit with hanging swings in garden

This idea would give you a place to sit and relax while watching the flame in the fire pit. A good idea might be to have a swing set in the backyard with a hammock or tree swing. This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make DIY pergola firepit swings.

12. Papasan Chair

Papasan chair placed around fire pit

You should have a few of these chairs around the fire pit because it will make your guests feel very comfortable. The round shape paired with a round fire pit makes it look perfect, and the back cushions and seat cushion also fully encase you in comfort. Now all you need is some marshmallows.

13. Wooden Bench Planters

wooden bench planter in backyard

Wooden bench planters are the perfect addition to the fire pit area. They add to the look and feel of the space while also doubling as benches for seating when necessary. Looking for more landscaping timber ideas? You'll find plenty in our guide.

14. Stairs

build stair around fire pit

One of the easiest ways to have seating around a fire is with stairs. When you build stairs up around the fire, it provides seating for everyone that wants to sit around it. You can use chairs or benches if appropriate for your space.

15. Composite Seats

composite decking for the fire pit

An excellent idea for your backyard is to construct a fire pit. It can be built from a breeze block frame with composite decking for the seats and seat backs.  Learn how to make a circular fire pit with 16 composite seatings in this tutorial!

16. Sling Chairs

sling chairs placed on deck

Have a fire pit in your backyard? Sling chairs make the perfect seating arrangements for a fire pit. These chairs are both comfortable and fun to use. It is essential to take care of them when not in use by storing them in a dry place, preferably covering them to protect them from pesky bugs or dirt.

17. Sofa Bench

Sofa bench and fire pit in backyard  garden

If you're looking for a way to create an inviting outdoor space in your backyard, then you might want to make a DIY sofa bench. This is an easy and affordable way to add a cozy touch to your space while also creating a place for friends and family members to gather.

18. Traditional Wicker Chairs

fire pit and nice swimming pool in backyard

Wicker chairs are great for fire pits because they're lightweight and secure enough to support someone sitting on them.

If you have a backyard fire pit, it's worth considering getting a couple of these chairs for your seating area around it. They'll complete the atmosphere and make your outdoor space feel so much cozier. 

Why not consider them for your rose garden ideas for a practical yet stylish way to make the most of the space?

19. Wood Beam Benches

fire pit placed in backyard garden

For people who would like to relax and enjoy the outdoor, a fire pit area with wooden beam benches would be a good idea.

They could provide an opportunity for socializing while enjoying the beauty of the natural space. This guide will show you how to build a fire pit on a budget with wooden beam benches!

20. Conversation Sets

Conversation sets around fire pit

A conversation set is a group of furniture often used as a focal point in the outdoor space. A set typically includes a couch, loveseat, and armchair, all matching in color.

You can use conversational sets around your fire pit to create a cozy, intimate seating arrangement for entertaining guests.


It can be challenging to know which pieces the best suit your needs with so many seating ideas to choose from. The key is deciding what you want your fire pit area to look like and choosing the right mix of furniture for that aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind or prefer a more traditional style, there is plenty of fire pit seating ideas out there waiting for you!