Outdoor Dog House Ideas

43+ Outdoor dog house ideas For Your Furry friend

There are many types of designs and materials you can use for outdoor dog houses. Some people prefer wood for their pets, while others like metal or plastic.

There are also some options made out of recycled products. Below is a list of 43+ creative ways to build your pet’s place to call home when they’re not inside with you!

Big Dog House Ideas

1. XXL Dog House

XXL Dog House

This XXL Dog House plan is perfect for large dogs, as it provides plenty of space for them to move around and relax. The design is also very stylish, making it a great addition to any home.

2. Log Cabin Doghouse Plan

Log Cabin Doghouse Plan

The log cabin design is sure to turn heads, and it’s surprisingly easy to build. You’ll need just a few essential tools and materials, so it’s perfect for anyone new to carpentry—print the materials and tools list, step-by-step instructions, and photos before getting started.

3. A Gazebo

How to Build Dog House Gazebo

The high ceiling allows the dog to move around more easily, and the cushion on the floor makes it a cozy place for the dog to relax.

If you are looking for a fun DIY project that will benefit your pet, check out this tutorial How to Build Dog House Gazebo here.

4. Extra Large Woodshed Plans For Dogs

Extra Large Dog House Plans

This dog house can be easily adapted to fit your pet’s needs. You can add features like a porch or roof.

This step-by-step guide will teach you How To Build A Huge Dog House. Continue reading to see more dog houses ideas.

5. Big Dog House

Big Dog House

This Big Dog House is perfect for large dogs like a golden retriever or Siberian husky.

It is made out of wood, which makes it sturdy and weather-resistant. The owner has also painted it a nice earth color, which will match any backyard area.

6. Wooden Kennel With Cover

Wooden Dog House With Cover

Wooden Dog House With Cover plan is perfect for your furry friend. The house has a covered porch to keep your dog sheltered from the rain and sun, and it also comes with exceptional food and water cups to make feeding and watering your dog easier.

Pallet Dog Houses

7. DIY Pallet Woodshed

DIY Pallet Dog House

Credit: Flynnside Out Productions

DIY Pallet Dog House is a great project for anyone who loves woodworking. You can make it in any shape or size you want to fit your dog perfectly.

Remember to upholster the inside with some comfortable fabric so your dog can relax in style.

8. Custom Large Pallet Kennel

Custom Large Pallet Dog House

This Custom Large Pallet Dog House is big enough for a pet to feel at home, and you can customize it with your choice of paint and wood stains.

You can also hang a faux bone outside the house to make it look like a real home. The best thing about the place is that it can be converted into a kid’s playhouse if needed.

9. DIY Removable Dog House

DIY Removable Dog House

DIY Removable Dog House is perfect for anyone who has a few extra wooden pallets lying around.

It’s easy to build, and it’s a great way to keep your pets warm and comfortable in the winter. Plus, it’s mobile, so you can move it around as needed.

10. Pallet House For Your Four-Legged Friend

Pallet Dog House

Fancy Pallet Dog House is made out of a wooden pallet, and it has a shingled slatted roof and vertical alignments of slats that fill the sides solid. The design is beautiful and durable, and it also includes a veranda or sun-deck.

11. Rustic Pallet Dog House

Rustic Pallet Dog

Check out this Rustic Pallet Dog House if you’re looking for a rustic and easy dog house to build. All you need are a few wooden pallets and fence posts. You can even make it into a paradise for your dog with some bedding and a cute tent.

Cool House Ideas For Dogs

12. Modern Woodshed

Building Modern Dog House

This Modern Dog House design is perfect for any size dog and includes a shingled roof for extra protection from the weather. The blue paint job also makes this dog house stand out and look unique.

13. Dog Run With Attached Doghouse

Dog Run With Attached Doghouse

A dog house is a great way to give your pet their own space outdoors. This Dog Run With Attached Doghouse can also help protect them from the elements, such as wind, rain, and snow.

14. Country Kennel with Porch

Country Dog House with Porch

This Country Dog House with Porch is perfect for anyone who wants a rustic country-style home for their pet. The porch is a great addition, and the tilted metal roof makes it ideal for any weather conditions.

15. Brick Doghouse

Brick Doghouse

This doghouse is a beautiful brick-style that would be a more permanent solution for shelter for your dog.

It would be insulated better than open-door, wooden doghouses, which is excellent if your pet has to stay outside often – and during the summer, the door could be left open for air circulation. Check out this Brick Doghouse plan here!

16. Snoopy Box

Snoopy Dog House

This DIY Snoopy Dog House is perfect for the recycling enthusiast! Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also made from recycled materials.

You don’t need to buy any new lumber – just use what you have! This project is perfect for a small or medium-sized dog.

17. Breezy Dog House

Breezy Dog House

Breezy Dog House is a great way to keep your pet cool during the summer. It has a shady spot and a comfortable bed, so your dog can relax in the breeze. It also has his name on it, so everyone will know it belongs!

18. Insulated A-Frame House

Insulated A-Frame Doghouse

The dog house is made out of insulated panels, which will keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It’s also made out of cedar, a natural insect repellent. The roof is slanted so that rain will runoff, and there’s a small porch in front for your pet to sit on.

19. Sled Dog House

Sled Dog House

Sled Dog House is easy to build and is very efficient in terms of materials. It also includes insulation, which is essential for keeping your dogs warm during the winter.

20. Adding A Deck

Doghouse With Deck

The Dog House With Deck is perfect for a medium to large dog. The dog will enjoy the spacious deck and toy box. There is also plenty of room for food and water. This s a great addition to any backyard.

21. Mini Ranch House

Mini Ranch House

Mini Ranch House is an excellent option for anyone looking for an easy and charming dog house. The simple design can be given a simple ranch-style touch-up, with asphalt for the roof and a sheet of redwood lattice battens above the door.

Super easy and highly effective, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this ranch-style DIY dog house for anything short of a perfect, professionally made dog house.

22. Elegant Doghouse

Modern Dog House

Elegant Dog House is perfect for your pup! It’s made of high-quality materials, so it’s sturdy and weatherproof.

It also has a comfortable bed inside, so your dog can relax in style. Plus, it’s easy to assemble – you just need a screwdriver!

DIY Dog House Ideas

23. Mobile Home For Dog

Mobile Dog House

The Mobile Dog House is made with old items that you probably have lying around, such as old lawnmower wheels, hinges, and pine.

Depending on your dog’s needs, you can make it to any size. You can use it wherever you want, which is excellent for canine companions who like to roam around.

24. Contemporary Geometric Project

Contemporary Geometric DIY Doghouse

This doghouse is perfect for contemporary dog lovers who love geometric shapes. It’s easy to build and has a stylish, angular appearance that will look great in your backyard or inside your home.

Best of all, this Contemporary Geometric DIY Doghouse is affordable and can be made with basic tools and materials.

25. Wine Barrel Bungalow

Wine Barrel Bungalow

Wine Barrel Bungalow is a great project for anyone who wants a unique and stylish dog house. The best part is that it doesn’t require any great carpentry skills and can be made from a basic wooden wine barrel.

All you need to do is cut a hole in the top of the barrel, then clean and varnish it. This project is perfect for anyone who wants to give their dog a pad that reflects their personality and style.

26. Mini Pet Camper

Mini Pet Camper

If you’re looking for a fun project to do with your pet dog, why not build them a Mini Pet Camper? This DIY project is a great way to bring your furry friend along on your outdoor adventures. The camper is well-built, comfortable for the dog, and safe!

27. Gable Roof Dog House

Gable Roof Dog House

A gable roof dog house is a great option for pet owners who live in colder climates. The roof is designed to provide extra insulation, which helps to keep pets warm during the winter months.

In addition, the gable roof allows for ample ventilation, which is important for keeping pets cool during the summer. The gable roof also adds a touch of style to any backyard.

28. DIY Living Roof Dog House

DIY Living Roof Dog House

Looking for a way to keep your dog’s house a little cooler for the summer? Look no further than this DIY Living Roof Dog House!

This fabulously creative and relatively straightforward project will add a tiny garden to any space, complete with a green-roofed doghouse.

29. Simple A-Frame

Simple A-Frame

The Simple A-Frame is simple to build and a great project for first-time builders. It’s made primarily from a single sheet of plywood and some dimensional lumber, so it’s affordable, too. Plus, since it’s proportionate to your dog, it provides the perfect amount of shelter and comfort.

30. East Fork Free Woodshed

East Fork Free Doghouse

The East Fork Free Doghouse is a great option for anyone looking for a simple, easy-to-build dog house. The plans are easy to follow, and the finished house is sure to please both you and your furry friend.

31. Metal Roof Doghouse

Wood Siding And A Metal Roof Doghouse

Wood Siding And A Metal Roof Doghouse is a great project for anyone who wants to learn how to build an enclosed structure.

The platform is the first step, and from there, you’ll be able to frame out the walls and add a roof, siding, and deck.

This small-scale project can help you build confidence in your ability to construct more complicated structures.

Outdoor Dog House Ideas

32. Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House

The wooden dog house is a simple and easy-to-make shelter for dogs and other small pets. It has a compartment for weather protection and a roof with stairs, allowing the pet to sleep on the top during sunny days.

33. Double Door House

Double Door Dog House

The Double Door Dog House with a porch is perfect for larger dogs. It is easy to assemble and even easier to love.

The materials used to make this dog house will ensure that your pet stays warm and dry, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

34. The Cottage Style Dog House

The Cottage Style Dog House

Cottage Style Dog House is perfect for those who live in a cottage-style home or simply love the cottage style.

It is easy enough to build that even beginners can do it with a bit of help, and it is sure to keep your furry friend warm and dry all winter long.

35. Craftsman-Style Plan

Craftsman-Style Doghouse - Miniature Masterpiece

Credit: Photo by Alison Rosa

There’s no style quite like the Craftsman-Style when it comes to doghouses. This miniature masterpiece is perfect for any lucky pooch, with its wood-shingle siding and cedar-shake roof.

Whether you’re looking for a new home for your furry friend or just want to admire some expert carpentry, this doghouse is sure to please!

36. With Automatic Water Faucet

Dog House w Grass Ramp and automatic Water Faucet On Top

The Modern Dog House with Automatic Water Faucet is one of the most incredible pieces of dog gear that you can buy for your pup. The natural grass ramp ensures that your dog can walk up to the top of the house with ease, where integrated dog dishes can hold water and food.

Additionally, an integrated automatic dog water faucet will turn on when your dog’s nose gets close to it, so he or she always has access to fresh water.

37. Classic Butterfly Roofline 

Classic Butterfly Roofline

Credit: Dan Solomon Photo

The Mutt’erfly House features a classic butterfly roofline with a living roof and, our favorite, a breeze block door. The roof is designed to keep the rain off the house’s inhabitants while allowing natural light and ventilation.

The breeze block door is another excellent feature that helps to keep the house cool in the summer. Get this Classic Butterfly Roofline plan here!

38. Doghouse With Grass Roof

Doghouse With Grass Roofing

Building a Doghouse With Grass Roof is not only easy, but it’s also a great way to keep your furry friend dry during inclement weather. The roof slope will help shed rain and snow, and the thick layer of grass will keep your dog warm and comfortable.

39. PLYWOOD Doghouse

PLYWOOD doghouse

This doghouse is perfect for smaller breeds of dogs and is made from 18mm thick plywood. PLYWOOD Doghouse is simple to make, with a removable felt roof to keep your dog dry, and can be easily personalized to style your garden.

40. Log Cabin

The "Log Cabin" Dog House

“Log Cabin” Dog House is a great place for your pet to relax in the summer. The wide door opening and stone floor makes it perfect for warmer weather, and the lack of insulation means your dog won’t get too hot.

41. Paris Hilton’s Spanish-Style Dog House

Paris Hilton's Spanish-Style Dog House

Paris Hilton’s Spanish-Style Dog House is a spacious and beautiful environment for your pet. It has many upper-level rooms and ample opportunity to bury bones in the front yard.

42. Cubix Modern Dog House

Cubix Modern Dog House

The Cubix Modern Dog House is a beautifully designed dog house made in Germany. It has a Bauhaus design and features bright red accents that stand out.

The roof and windows are also weather-resistant, which keeps the dog comfortable in any weather and allows it to see its surroundings.

This dog house is perfect for one dog or two and can be ordered from Germany.

43. Dog Mansion

Dog Mansion W Pool And Deck

Dogs are known to be some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. They are also known for being some of the most fun-loving animals around.

This is why a dog mansion with a pool and deck is the perfect home for any pup. The light in the dog mansion will keep your dog safe and secure at all times, and the pool will provide hours of enjoyment as your furry friend plays in the cool water.

The deck is also perfect for sunbathing, and your dog will love to relax on the soft surface after a long day of playing. Check out this Dog Mansion plan here.

44. Mid-Century Modern Dog House

Mid-Century Modern Dog House

The Mid-Century Modern Dog House is the perfect place for your pet to relax in the sun. With ample space to run and play, your dog will love spending time in this stylish dog house. The pool is a great feature that will keep your pet cool on hot days.


All of the outdoor dog houses featured in this blog post are perfect for keeping your pet safe, dry, and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a traditional doghouse or something more luxurious, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and choose the perfect one for your furry friend!

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