25 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Any Budget

25 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Any Budget

Backyard fire pits are a great way to enjoy the outdoor space and have some fun. It is excellent to socialize, entertain, gather, and camp around the fire pit.

Here are 25 backyard fire pit ideas to consider if you’re considering adding one to your yard!

Rustic Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

1. A Rustic Touch of Stones

Stone Fire pit in backyard

Typically, stone fire pits are constructed from a rock base to create a ring shape. Want to learn how to build a stone fire pit? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how!

2. Campfire

Campfire in the backyard

Campfire is a convenient and affordable way of gathering warmth and comfort on a chilly night. You can create the feeling of camaraderie and cheerfulness around your campfire by roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and singing songs.

Campfires also make for superb outdoor lighting as they illuminate the dark corners of your backyard. Are you looking for outdoor fire pit seating ideas ? You’ll find plenty in our guide.

3. Gabion Style

Gabion fire pit and bench

Gabion is now a popular style for decorating outdoor places. Many uses are found in gardens, such as fire pits, planters, balconies, walls, and fences. 

Aside from these uses, you can use it to decorate for a romantic night date. Looking for gabion fire pit ideas? Something like this may be an option for you.

4. Fieldstone

Fire inside of a stone fire pit

Imagine that you can have your favorite camping spot at home and feel as cozy as you do when surrounded by nature! The fieldstone fireplace is an idea to make this dream come true.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

5. Repurposed Wheelbarrow Pit

Light a fire on old wheelbarrow

This pit is a relatively simple one that you can construct from various materials found in your backyard.

All you have to do is find a wheelbarrow that has been discarded or is in bad shape. And then, follow this instruction on how to make a wheelbarrow pit, and you will have yourself an excellent fire pit.

6. Porch-swing

fire pit in backyard garden

A large porch swing with a fire pit underneath is a great outdoor space. This idea is perfect since you can relax, enjoy your surroundings, and stay warm at the same time. Plus, you can enjoy your favorite beverage, too.

If you’re interested in how to make a porch swing fire pit, follow this step-by-step instruction.

7. Concrete Ring

fire pit using concrete tree rings

The concrete ring fire pit is an exquisite and stylish way to create your own backyard fire experience. The fire pit design makes a circular seating area for those who want to enjoy the warmth of the fire and covers some distance as they walk around it. 

Sounds interesting? Follow the lead of this guide on how to build your mobile fire pit for just $50.

8. Repurposed Washing Machine Drum

washing machine drum fire pit in backyard

You can make a fire pit from an old metal washing machine drum in your backyard.

You need to drill several small holes on the body of the drum and do some more steps. Then you can light up some logs and sit around the fire for warmth or just toast marshmallows! 

This guide on how to turn an old washing machine drum into a firepit has all the helpful tips you will need.

9. Repurposed Old Tractor Tire Rim

How to make a fire pit from old tractor tire rim

A fire pit made from a tractor tire rim is one of the easiest fire pits to make in your yard! Need instructions? Have a look at this guide about how to build a fire pit from an old tractor rim!

10. Modern-style Fire Basket

Steel fire pit placed on ground

If you are interested in having the most modern fire pit design, choose a metal fire basket. Several reasons make this fire pit design choice – practicality, durability, and minimal maintenance. If you want to make this DIY steel fire basket, this guide will come in handy.

11. Utilize Old Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey barrel fire pit in backyard

A whiskey barrel fire pit is an outdoor fire pit made from used whiskey barrels. Imagine how excited your guests will be when they see this super cool fire pit in your yard!

12. Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Lighting a fire on shopping cart

If you don’t have the time or money to build a fire pit in your backyard, try turning an old shopping cart into one. There are several steps involved, but it is not complicated. Learn how to make a shopping cart fire pit in this guide.

13. Rock the Theme with A Pirate Ship

Pirate ship fire pit in forest

A pirate ship fire pit is another way to make your party look more themed. This pirate ship fire pit is pretty cool, unique, and will defiantly light up your party. Interested? This guide on how to set up a pirate ship fire pit is handy.

Patio Fire Pit Ideas

14. Mini Fire Pit for Small Space

mini fire pit for small spaces

Mini fire pits are also great for small places. The benefits to this type of fire pit are that they’re portable and can be stored away with ease.

15. Sunken Landscaping

Sunken fire pit collection

A sunken fire pit with a seating area is an excellent design. Most of the fire pit has surrounded benches that bring you a great spot to do chatter and enjoy the moment.

It is perfect when you have a backyard party or an outdoor get-together with family and friends. This sunken fire pit ideas article has more inspiring looks.

16. Granite Pit

a fire lighting in fire pit

Granite is a durable stone, and it can withstand extreme temperatures as well. This fire pit idea is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your patio.

These fire pits come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your desired design.

17. Portable Tabletop Pit

Fire pit placed on tabletop

If space is an issue, make the tabletop fire pit version. It’s customizable to fit any table, yet just as beautiful as a full-size one. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make a tabletop fire pit bowl!

18. Stylish Deck With A Fire Pit

stylish deck with a fire pit idea for your backyard

One of the most popular patio fire pit ideas is to build a deck with a fire pit. This idea will add a touch of style to your outdoor living area and provide you with a cozy spot to enjoy fireside gatherings.

If you’re looking to increase the sensory appeal of your plot, there are plenty of deck lighting ideas to choose from.

19. Minimalist Style

Minimalist fire pit in backyard

Adding a beautifully designed and modern minimalist fire pit to your outdoor space can significantly improve the appearance of your backyard.

Similarly, it will create a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining family and friends as well. To get more inspiration, check out these minimalist firepit ideas!

20. Fire Pit Bowl

propane firepit in a bowl

A newer style of fire pits features a smooth concrete bowl filled with flame-proof Mexican beach pebbles. A large volume fire pit will have a pretty deep bowl that can hold many logs and last for an extended period of time.

21. Propane Pit

light up fire on fire pit in garden

A propane fire pit is a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to other kinds of fire pits.

Propane uses less fuel than traditional wood-burning pits, and their maintenance costs are also lower. Learn how to make a DIY propane fire pit from this tutorial!

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

22. Inground Landscaping

a nice river in font of a fire pit

One of the most common types of fire pit is the in-ground fire pit. Depending on what the homeowner has available, these fire pits are usually dug into the ground and lined with bricks or concrete.

23. Block Firepit

Cinder block fire pit in backyard

Because they are inexpensive and easy to build, they’re perfect for those who want to save money by using their skills. This step-by-step instruction on how to make a cinder block fire pit will assist you if you wish to make one yourself!

24. Stylish Metal Pit

Metal fire pit on ground

If you’re looking for a sleek but sturdy type of fire pit, then look no further. Metal fire pits are perfect for open-air entertainment and outdoor gatherings. It is also easy to use and clean up!

25. Elegant Concrete Fire Pit

chairs placed around a fire pit

With this type, you can design the shape and look to suit your needs best. Check out this article for instructions on how to make a concrete fire feature!


So, have you decided which type of fire pit would be the best for your backyard? There are many different kinds to choose from, including ground fire pits and sunken fire pits!

The granite fire pit is an excellent choice because it is durable and comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. A tabletop fire pit is not limited by space but still offers warmth!

Need somewhere to store other outdoor bits and bobs, too? There are plenty more firewood storage ideas in our feature.

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