21 Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas to Keep Your Stash of Wood Dry

21 outdoor firewood storage ideas to keep your stash of wood dry

Do you have trouble finding a place to store your firewood? Here are 21 different ways in which people have found to keep their firewood outside.  From simple, creative ideas like stacking it up in the shape of a teepee or building shelves out of concrete blocks-there are something here for everyone!  Ready to get started? Check out these fantastic storage solutions below!

Simple Firewood Rack Ideas

1. Rolling Fire Wood Cart

firewood placed on rolling fire wood cart

The DIY Rolling Fire Wood Cart project is a simple and easy way to store extra firewood outside the house. All you need is some basic tools and supplies to complete this project in a day or so. This how-to guide will show you how to build a rolling firewood cart.

2. Modern Farmhouse Firewood Rack

nice and modern firewood rack on wall

This modern design is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a way to store your firewood outside! Finding something made with steel would be difficult, but it’s worth it because the metal will withstand by time.

3. Under-the-Bench Firewood Storage

firewood stack under bench

When storing your firewood outside, it can be challenging to find a place protected from the sun and rain. An easy solution is to build a space for your firewood under a bench or picnic table. You can also use a heavy-duty plastic mat.

4. Rustic Firewood Rack

firewood stack on rustic firewood rack

An outdoor firewood storage idea would be a rustic stand for beautifully stacking pieces of firewood. With this design, you can place logs on top of each other to support the wood and create a neat stack until you are ready to use it. Here’s how you can build a rustic firewood stack in just six steps!

5. Privacy Screen Firewood Storage

Privacy screen firewood storage built in backyard garden

To store the firewood outside, you can use some privacy screens. There are also other outdoor firewood storage ideas like placing them close to the fence so that you can again have privacy once you get short of wood. You might also want to check out our creative timber landscaping ideas.

6. Utilize the Outdoor kitchen

very nice rustic outdoor fireplace

The outdoor kitchen is another method to store your firewood. You’ll be able to get access to the wood at any time you’re preparing something delicious in this space.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

7. V-Shaped Wood Rack Stabilized with Cinderblocks

V-shaped wood rack next to fence

This v-shaped rack is an excellent outdoor firewood storage idea because it provides a way to keep your firewood off the ground, and also it looks pretty nice. The cinderblocks are what stabilize the wood rack to keep it standing in one spot. Read this guide for instructions on how to build a V-shaped rack.

8. Easy DIY Firewood Rack

firewood stack neatly on firewood rack

All you need is some wood that has been scraped down, like cedar or redwood, and some concrete blocks to keep it off the ground. Make sure the rack sides are high enough not to collapse when adding logs to them. Check out this free DIY firewood rack plan if you wish to build one on your own!

9. Vertically Stacked Storage

firewood stack on vertical firewood rack

When you are trying to optimize your space for storage, it is necessary to make efficient use of the room. You want to make sure that you have a spot for everything without cluttering up the space. A vertical stack is an idea for storing firewood. If you have the appropriate height of storage, then this can save you some space.

10. Round Storage Rack

firewood stack on metal firewood rack

Metal window wells and wooden boards can be repurposed to create a firewood holder. This will allow you to store more firewood on the ground and make it easier to find what you need.

11. No-Tools-Needed Firewood Shelf

firewood rack in backyard garden

This no-tools-needed wood storage idea features a rustic firewood rack standing off the ground on a couple of large concrete blocks. The inspiration does not call for complicated devices to raise with utmost simpleness. You can see more information and useful tips in this guide on making a firewood rack without tools.

12. The Smoking Rack

firewood stack on rack

This small firewood rack is an excellent way to keep the wood for your outdoor smoking rack dry. Put the larger pieces of wood in the bottom section and the smaller wood in the top part of the rack. It is organized and makes using the wood easier.

13. Log Storage with Planters

planter on firewood rack

The log storage area is an excellent option for those who are looking to cut back on size. With the accompanying planter, this smaller design could complement any backyard without taking up too much space. If you have a small outdoor space, something like this might work well as a corner garden idea.

14. Repurposed A Canoe

unique canoe firewood storage

What happens when you have an old unused canoe and a bunch of small logs and kindling that need to be stored? Of course, you can repurpose your canoe into some handy firewood storage! You can use the canoe to store logs, kindling, and even larger logs if need be. Get more ideas by checking out these easy upcycling projects.

Outdoor Firewood Storage With Roof

15. DIY Backyard Firewood Shed

firewood stack in firewood shed

The best idea for storing firewood is to place it on a wood rack. This will keep the logs dry and free of dirt. There are many different wood racks and other structures for you to use as a support system. This plan on building a backyard firewood shed is a great idea for those looking for an outdoor storage solution.

16. Pyramid Outdoor Wood Storage Sheds

step by step build a firewood rack

This pyramid design is a fantastic way to provide firewood storage that makes your property look less cluttered and more aesthetically pleasing. Building a pyramid-shaped woodshed would be a unique way to store your firewood in your outdoor space. This guide will explain how to construct a triangle wood store.

17. Firewood Storage Space Rack

firewood rack in garden

Wood is an organic material that creates a practical and also aesthetically pleasing storage space rack. The firewood storage space rack with a wooden base and a covered top is a neat piece of furniture that can be used outside.

18. The Large Woodshed

the large woodshed in garden

If you burn a lot of wood over winter, consider this design idea. The one shown here has four separate bays for firewood storage which is perfect for lots of wood.

19. Patio Firewood Rack

patio firewood rack front wall

This storage rack is designed to be built on an elevated deck or patio. It has the advantage of allowing for better air circulation than other designs that typically place firewood close to the ground. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a DIY outdoor firewood rack.

20. Pallet Firewood Shed

pallet firewood shed on grass

A lot of people are using wood to heat their homes in the winter. There are many pros to using firewood for warmth in addition to the cost. This pallet shed would be an excellent option if you want a firewood shed off the ground but still has ample room for storage. Interested in making a pallet shed yourself? Check out this guide.

21. The Greenhouse Firewood Shed

firewood rack in backyard garden

This shed is not something you see often, but it is excellent for storing your wood outside. It will help to dry your firewood even more quickly. Check out this useful guide to know your firewood moisture content!


It doesn’t take a lot to store your wood to stay dry and ready for use. You can build a simple rack, buy one of the many models available on the market, or even try some DIY hacks like these! We hope this blog post has helped figure out how to keep yourself warm through winter! For more landscaping inspiration, check out our ideas for backyard fire pits and fire pit seating.

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