21 Hot Tub Deck Ideas For Your Backyard Landscaping

21 Hot Tub Deck Ideas For Your Backyard Landscaping

Do you often find yourself dreaming of a hot tub that is placed in the shade, overlooking the lake? Or maybe one that has an attached sauna to help you relax after a long day? The perfect place for your dream hot tub would have all of these features and more. Let’s take a look at some hot tub deck ideas on how to design your very own private paradise.

Small Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

1. Small Space with A Deck

hot tub deck for small space

One of the best deck ideas for hot tubs is a small space with a deck. For those who have a small space to work with, this is the perfect way to create the illusion that there is more room. Add plants, outdoor furniture, and other decors to make the space uniquely yours.

2. Classic Above-Ground Hot Tub

classic hot tub on wooden deck

If you would like a classic hot tub, the best option would be to go for an above-ground hot tub. It’s perfect for people who have limited space or have a deck close to the ground. This kind of hot tub is ideal for personal use.

3. Hot Tub Jacuzzi for Small Space

hot tub jacuzzi for small space

The design of this hot tub has a very simplistic look to it. Not only does this hot tub look great with a wooden deck, but if you need a moment of calm and rest, gazing at the grassy lawn is a great way to unwind. Combine it with a rose garden for a more pleasing sight.

4. Private Hot Tub Deck on A Budget

Hot tub in small private room

If you don’t want too much attention on your hot tub, curtains and blinds are the perfect way to go. Depending on what kind of curtain you get, they can also serve as decorative pieces.

Deck Designs With Hot Tub And Pergola

5. Multi-layered Deck with A Gazebo

multi-layered deck with a gazebo in backyard

A multi-layered platform deck with a gazebo will provide you with many creative design opportunities. With different levels, this deck design will offer you plenty of entertaining spaces. Use creative landscaping ideas to turn your deck into an outdoor retreat that combines beauty with functionality.

6. Deck Design with Jacuzzi and Pergola

Pergola with Jacuzzi in backyard garden

The deck with the hot tub and the pergola is an excellent place for lounging. There is plenty of room up here to relax and get away from the noise and other people.

If you’re looking to increase the sensory appeal of your plot, there are plenty of attractive flower garden ideas to choose from.

7. Asian-inspired Gazebo for Backyard

hot tub deck in garden

This hot tub deck idea provides an incredible setting for outdoor living. It’s elegant and invites people to come in and enjoy the refreshing water. The Asian-inspired gazebo offers privacy and protection from any weather conditions, while the small bar is perfect for enjoying time with friends.

8. Composite Deck With A Hot Tub

Hot tub and flower pots on deck

If you are looking for cost-effective hot tub deck ideas, have a look at composite decking. It is both beautiful and hard-wearing. When designing your deck, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough space for chairs or benches. You might also want to consider installing a grill, which will add another dimension of fun.

Built-In Hot Tub Ideas

9. Poolside Hot Tub Deck Design

poolside and hot tub deck in backyard

The poolside hot tub deck idea is a great way to enjoy your hot tub and pool in one place. With a combo pool and hot tub, you can access your hot tub no matter the season.

It will create a combination of two water elements that the family can use for relaxation and entertainment. If you need to make your pool a safe zone, you might look into pool fence ideas.

10. Curved Ground Level Spa Deck

deck with hot tub built in garden

This hot tub deck is for those who want to create a more aesthetically appealing hot tub cover. The wood planks are natural-looking, and the steel edging adds a modern take to the design.

This deck is used for form rather than function, but it still provides you with an area to set your stuff down when using the hot tub. See this collection for more hot tub spa ideas.

11. In-ground Hot Tub In Backyard

in-ground hot tub in backyard

In-ground hot tubs are a great way to arrange the furniture as they are easy to climb in and out of. It would also come in handy if you wanted some privacy for a long soak or if you wanted to surround it with water plants. Adding a hot tub to your backyard bar ideas is a terrific way to give your guests an extra dose of fun.

Above-Ground Hot Tub Landscape Ideas

12. Natural Outdoor Spaces

hot tub at natural outdoor

Different ideas to make your hot tub deck more natural would include garden elements in your backyard design. Make your pool deck level with the top of your hot tub. This idea creates the illusion that you’re sitting within your surroundings. Plant lush greenery around your hot tub and include flowers or plants that will attract birds or butterflies.

13. Sunken Hot Tub Deck Design

Wooden deck with sunken hot tub

The hot tub deck idea is all about levels, with seating on the upper tier for those getting relaxation. A multi-level pergola also provides shade and makes it easy to get into the hot tub right below. This hot tub design features an open deck that is accessible from any of the system components. You might also find deck lighting ideas helpful.

14. Hot Tub Decks with Spa Area

hot tub decks with spa area

One of the best hot tub deck ideas is to add a spa area. You can take the time to create a private spa by adding fencing and details like levels or stairs to the deck. Add comfortable chairs and massage tables to the area. Set the mood with scented candles, flowers, and some relaxing music while you sit in the bubbling hot tub.

15. Raised Deck Hot Tub Idea

raised deck with hot tub

The raised deck is a perfect option for an outdoor living space. Having the hot tub installed in the lower part of the raised deck gives it an in-ground appearance. With the raised deck hot tub, you can enjoy the outdoors while soaking in a hot tub deck at the same time. You can even lounge in the chair next to it while you laze about. Check out these hot tub deck tips if you want to build your deck!

16. Rustic Stone Hot Tub Deck Landscaping

rustic hot tub deck next to swimming pool

This rustic hot tub deck idea is to line the exterior walls of your hot tub with stones or brick. This design would make it blend in better with the rest of your landscaping and yard features. It provides an aesthetically pleasing look to the backyard.

17. Redwood Hot Tub on A Deck

raised hot tub deck with stone wall

The idea for this deck and hot tub is raised and set on pillars to see the pool from multiple angles. The space is furnished with logs and stone pillars, creating a porch-like atmosphere. Redwood has natural antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent choice for soaking in the tub.

18. Fireplace Deck With A Hot Tub

fireplace and hot tub deck together

This idea is perfect for those who need the warm energy of a fireplace and the soothing calmness of a spa bathtub. Decking space might be limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include both in your design. If you are looking for more backyard fire pit ideas, our post will come in handy.

19. Hot Tub Under Cedar Pergola

hot tub under pergola

The spa experience is enhanced with the hot tub under the cedar pergola, where you can enjoy the shade and beauty of nature. You can enjoy the hot water jet after a long day or during a fabulous evening. It is like your own personal getaway in the city.

20. Platform Jacuzzi

sunken hot tub on wooden deck

A sunken tub is an easy way to enhance the look of your deck. You may also want to use this space for seating or storage. The platform jacuzzi is a great way to achieve the desired effect without compromising on safety.

21. Covered Hot Tub Decks

umbrella cover on hot tub

A covered hot tub deck is a perfect option when it comes to privacy. This idea will help you feel safe and prevent unwanted views. It also protects your skin from being exposed to UV rays. You can also build a wooden fence around the deck for aesthetic purposes and ease of use, depending on the style you want.

Bottom Line

Many hot tub deck ideas will help you create the perfect backyard oasis. The best thing about these designs is that you can customize them to fit your needs and budget. Regardless of whether you want a sunken deck or raised, natural space or rustic stone – there’s something for every style!

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