Best Trampoline Brands

Best Trampoline Brands & Manufacturers

Trampolines come in many different shapes and sizes. The best-rated trampoline brands are produced by companies that use high quality materials and safe manufacturing practices. These reliable companies also usually offer warranties with their products to assure customers that they are buying a superior trampoline. (1)

Features and Qualities of Top-Rated Trampoline Brands 

Whether you are shopping for a trampoline to be used by children, teenagers or adults, you want a model that is made of durable materials. Do not compromise on this!

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You also want to be certain than its construction is sound and safe for regular use. You expect sports equipment to withstand daily use and often rugged wear-and-tear. Any well-made trampoline should meet this essential requirement.

a child jumping on trampoline outdoor in nice sunset

The use of trampolines for exercise, sports training and recreation has grown significantly over the last few years. This popular item of sports equipment can now be found in backyards, home game rooms, schools, gyms and community recreation centers. Trampolines offer many hours of exercise, entertainment and enjoyment as long as they are safe for use.

What Makes a Trampoline Brand Good for Safe, Healthy Exercise?

The best trampoline brands offer overall superior quality products. Trampolines are no longer a novelty, they are specialized items of popular athletic and recreational equipment manufactured with use of top-tier materials and advanced technology. Good brands also offer the customer full warranties guaranteeing the durability of each trampoline for safe long-term use.

Take your time and do your research when choosing which model to buy. The safety of everyone who engages in this healthy, vitalizing form of exercise at your home must be paramount. When you purchase from a respected brand, you can be assured of a well-designed product that will help prevent any falls or other accidents during use.

The most popular shapes are round and rectangular. Safety nets and no gap design are standard features. Ladders may or may not be included though so do check what’s in the box. You can buy a ladder as an extra accessory if it’s not included in the package.

For added safety, you may want to buy a “springless” trampoline.

In this design, the jump surface has attachments to a ring. This ring is supported by metal rods that are above the frame. These rods are at a distance from jumpers to avoid caught or scraped fingers. This design is a good choice for young children since they are often attracted to playing with springs and could get hurt.

A good company will also provide excellent customer service for resolving any product-related questions or issues. Especially if this is your first experience with buying and using a home trampoline, important questions and concerns may arise during its setup and initial use. 

With the knowledge, support and encouragement of an expert customer service team, all issues can be promptly resolved.

Whether you want to purchase outdoor, rebounder or kids’ trampolines, you can find excellent models on this page. 

The Top Trampoline Manufacturers  

Below is a list and short description of the trampoline brands we consider among the best on the market today. We are adding new manufacturers to the list as they prove themselves to be offering high-quality and safe products.


Skywalker trampolines are known for their excellent quality and safe, sturdy construction. As one of the most popular brands on the consumer market, Skywalker produces multiple types and designs of trampolines. Their designs include kids’ models, large sizes and round, square, oval and rectangular styles. After just 15 years in business, this company has risen rapidly to the top.

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These innovative trampoline designs offer patented enclosures for safe, secure jumping. The jumping mat is separated from the springs. This design prevents toes or fingers from coming in contact with the metal springs and getting pinched or scraped. This brand’s Jump’n’Duck trampolines come with a strong net enclosure and a basketball hoop. They meet TUV¹ and ASTM² requirements.

Skywalker 12 ft Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

  • Design: no gap
  • Weight limit: 200 pounds
  • Basketball net and foam ball included

If they are “off the ground” designs, these trampolines often come with an attachable ladder for easy entry and exit. Since each spring works independently, you are assured of a controlled take-off and landing from any point on the jumping mat. If you are a gymnast or acrobat in training, this brand may be especially helpful. Sizes include 12, 14 and 15-foot. Contact the seller for warranty information.


This brand has a high-quality rating among trampoline brands today. This company combines top-caliber materials with superior manufacturing techniques. Every trampoline produced is carefully tested for durability and safe use. All products of this brand must pass the TUV requirements before being placed on the consumer market.

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Trampolines from this brand are divided into two categories, Saffun™ (for Safe Fun) and Safump™ (for Safe Jump). These models have galvanized steel frames, springs and poles, and the springs have safety covers. Their strong safety nets will keep even hard and high jumpers’ safety on the jumping mat. These products come in 12, 14 and 15-foot sizes.

Zupapa 15-14-12 ft Trampoline with Net Outside

  • Design: no gap
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Compact enough to fit in smaller yards

Trampolines from this brand are generally sold with two warranties. The first covers 10 years on the frame, and the second covers 2 years on the jumping mat, springs, safety pad and enclosure net.


From the children’s round or square 7 and 8-foot trampolines to the larger 12, 14 and 15-foot models in varied shapes for older jumpers, the Propel brand products are all well-made. They feature galvanized steel frames, springs and poles as well as secure net enclosures for safe jumping.

Propel 7 ft Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

  • Design: no gap
  • Weight limit: 150 pounds
  • Comes with basketball hoop system

One of the most popular Propel models is the Preschool Trampoline. This safe design offers a sturdy but soft enclosure that is firmly attached to the jumping mat. It also has thick padding covering the support poles. There is also a secure base net. The springs are extra-strong bungees to control the bounce height and prevent injuries. This product is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

After purchasing your Propel trampoline, you can register it on the company website. Also, contact the company for warranty information. If you need any replacement parts after using this product for a while, you can order them by calling the company or online directly from the website.


High-quality trampolines from the Springfree brand have a fascinating construction. They are designed without springs, as the brand name reveals. This would not be unusual if this company produced only kids’ trampoline models and small rebounders. Many of these models have cords in place of springs.

Springless Outdoor Trampoline

  • Design: spring free
  • Weight limit: 245 pounds
  • Extra safe, easy installation

However, this brand’s product designers have created heavy-duty, spacious outdoor trampolines that require no springs. A major benefit of these products is that jumpers of any size and age can enjoy safe use of them. Even small children can jump securely without the danger of getting small toes and fingers jammed in tightly coiled metal springs.

In fact, some designs are manufactured without frames or springs. They are constructed of composite rods that are flexible, which were first used in trampoline design by a mechanical engineering professor at the University of New Zealand. There are currently many model from Springfree of different sizes, shapes and styles. They are all sold with warranties and offer long-term use.


The 38 by 66-inch Mini-Oval trampoline from JumpKing lets kids start enjoying healthy exercise from a young age. These products have two unique handlebars for safety and stability while kids are jumping. Each trampoline is equipped with a safety pad displaying attractive printed animal designs that appeal to youngsters. This small oval model is ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

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This children’s trampoline design meets all ASTM standards. It has galvanized springs, eight top rails for safe jumping, and a durable safety pad and foam sleeves to cover all metal parts.

This trampoline model is available in colorful purple and bright green, which are often favorite colors for young children. This brand’s trampolines meet ASTM standards.

JumpKing 10×15 ft Rectangular Trampoline

  • Heavy-duty galvanized springs
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Good beginner model for young athletes

The JumpKing 10 by 15-foot rectangular trampoline is ideal for use by the entire family. It is especially enjoyable for use by older children, teens and adults of all ages. This large outdoor model has a unique surface to encourage a high bounce. It is ideal for practicing gymnastics. The patented enclosure net and special frame promote safety. Warranty data is available on the company site.

Bounce Pro 

The Bounce Pro line has a top-rated entry level trampoline design for children and teens. However, its construction is not the best for use by adults, especially heavier family members. This design does offer superior safety features and a UV-resistant bounce mat. It is structured to keep children safely jumping and secure and protected from the metal springs.

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This trampoline brand provides many hours of exercise and entertainment. At the same time, its models control young jumpers’ safety the by supporting only a medium-high bounce. For best results and long-term use, the manufacturer recommends keeping the springs dry when possible to extend their usage. The enclosure features a safety zipper. These designs meet all ASTM standards.

BouncePro 7 ft My First Trampoline

  • Fully enclosed and padded
  • Weight limit: 100 pounds
  • Great and safe choice for toddlers

If you are shopping for your first trampoline for your family, Bounce Pro may be the first brand you consider. Trampolines from this company are available in many popular large retail chain stores today. The 12-foot model comes with a light-up Flash Light Zone for added enjoyment and for nighttime jumping.

Jump Power 

Jump Power offers a range of trampoline design options. These include the 44-inch Fitness model, the 14-foot round design and In-Ground model for your backyard. The 44-inch Fitness Trampoline is a small rebounder. It is frequently bought for home use and professional wellness workouts in gyms. Jumping on this model is easy on joints.

Jump Power Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

  • Fully padded and enclosed
  • Unique design with swing included
  • Safe and fun choice for toddlers

It also provides a valuable workout for cardiovascular health. The In-ground model offers stable backyard jumping. Installation requires a shallow, 3-foot hole. Many people favor the classic round trampoline. The Jump Power 14-foot models offer a strong frame of galvanized steel.

The jump mat is designed to include a central target, which promotes safe exercise. The reliable built-in enclosure netting keeps high or wide bouncers safely on the mat. Both net and jump mat are resistant to UV damage. Some Jump Power trampolines have bungees instead of steel springs for added safety.

Upper Bounce 

Upper Bounce is known for producing optimal caliber trampolines that offer hours of safe, secure fun. Models from this brand are suitable for use by the entire family. These products have powerful steel frames, legs and springs. They are rust-resistant, and many models are ideal for use outdoors. These trampolines are uniquely designed for easy setup.

Upper Bounce 10×17 ft Trampoline

  • Design: gymnastics style
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds
  • For serious jumpers and beginner athletes

Frames of the 16-foot models have a welded joint. This joint has an opening for the enclosure pole positioned at each leg. This prevents the poles from wobbling. The durable jumping mat will last, and the excellent quality mesh net enclosure has a double-zippered closing with reinforcing buckles. Each sturdy pole has a foam safety padded sleeve.

The compact 7-foot trampoline is an ideal selection of use indoors or outdoors on decks and patios. The small yet strong model has six molded steel legs for support. Each base leg is covered with plastic tubing to preserve floors when used indoors. The metal springs will resist rust and cracking while providing good bounce quality.


The JumpSport brand produces a variety of rugged, outdoor trampolines, rebounders and commercial models. This company also makes sturdy trampoline designs for children. The small sizes are just as carefully and powerfully designed as the models for adults produced by this company.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

  • Design: fitness rebounder
  • Weight limit: 275 pounds
  • Great for cardio and weight loss

JumpSport designers make shopping for a trampoline as simple as possible. By producing different styles of each trampoline category, they make it easy to view each one. You can first decide on the features, size and shape that fit your needs. Next, you can select the product in the series that meets your buying criteria for a trampoline.

This brand’s AlleyOOP PowerBounce series offers trampolines of various sizes and shapes. They each have different bounce qualities and levels. Whether you choose the 12 or 14-foot size, you will enjoy excellent jumping results. You can select either a regular or double-bounce model in a round or rectangular shape. The enclosure doorways of each trampoline feature a safe overlap closure.


This respected trampoline manufacturer produces optimal quality trampolines for professional performance and your backyard. The expert SkyBound team devotes equal amounts of knowledge, skill and attention to all of their trampoline designs. This brand offers an extensive variety of types and styles.

the specialized design SkyBound with extra steel poles

From extra-durable adult and commercial trampolines to small toddler models, they create top-caliber products. Rebounder models are available for small children, teenagers, adults for exercise and recreation. Safety is of utmost importance to this excellent trampoline manufacturer.

This very successful company currently offers over 15 different types of trampoline designs. Each type has four different categories. In the Performance category, the SkyBound Stratos 15-foot trampoline is the largest model. It is also the most popular one. This specialized design includes extra steel poles supporting the net enclosure surrounding the trampoline to ensure safe, secure jumping.


Merax is a relatively new brand on the market but quickly proved themselves. They offer a smaller selection of well-designed trampolines. Their focus on sturdy, solid frames with good manufacturing quality has earned great reviews from buyers.

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Their selection consists of a round and an oval rebounder, as well as a 12, a 14 and a 15-foot round trampoline.

Merax 15 ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

  • Design: no gap
  • Weight limit: 375 pounds
  • Ladder and hoop included

The UV- resistant, high-grade jumping surface and the tight-fitting safety nets offer a safe and fun jumping environment for kids and adults alike

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Trampoline Brands

What is the most durable trampoline?

The SkyBound Stratos trampoline is extremely sturdy and durable for long-term use. Its metal frame and springs are rust and corrosion-resistant. It is only available in a round shape, although you can purchase varied sizes. The strong enclosure net is directly attached to the jumping pad and can withstand rugged use.

What is the best outdoor trampoline to buy? 

Skywalker brand trampolines include models with excellent strength of construction for long-term outdoor use. Their galvanized steel frames, springs and poles are highly durable and do not rust or discolor. The 15-foot model with a basketball hoop will last for many hours of use. Also, the sturdy enclosure net is well-secured to the jumping pad with springs outside for safety and to withstand wear.

What is the best trampoline for adults?

The JumpSport AlleyOOp model offers durability, superior bounce and a variety of innovative accessories for adult jumpers. These trampoline designs come in round and rectangular shapes of varied sizes. This brand offers models featuring PowerBounce, Variable Bounce, New DoubleBounce and New Power DoubleBounce.   

Who makes the bounciest trampoline?

Two trampoline designs win high points as the bounciest design: JumpSport’s AlleyOOP DoubleBounce (described above) and the BouncePro Superdome trampoline and bouncer. This bouncy castle and trampoline combination offers a fun atmosphere for both adults and children when jumping. It provides a strong jump mat for super take-off and a high, reliable and lofty jump for adults.   

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