23 Amazing Corner Garden Ideas For You To Get Inspired

23 amazing corner garden Ideas For You To Get Inspired

Would you like more greenery in your backyard? Corner gardens are a great way to do that. Whether you are looking for ideas to spruce up your garden or just want to see some fantastic examples of what is possible, this list will provide you with plenty of inspiration. Here are 23 corner gardens that will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas.

Small Corner Garden Ideas

1. Mixed Garden

small garden with flower and plant

This is an adorable idea for an outdoor area. It’s not too large and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time or money in the backyard. You can use a variety of plants and flowers, depending on what you prefer.

2. Succulents and Cacti Oasis

Small corner garden with succulents and acti oasis

Succulents and cacti oasis can be an excellent idea for a corner garden. They can provide a rough and prickly touch to your garden than the more traditional plants. Choosing the right succulent is easy. Using this guide, you can gain a better understanding of how to grow succulents.

You can find more inspiration for the look in our inspiring rock garden ideas feature.

3. Cozy Nook for Corner Yard

table and chair place in backyard garden

A cozy nook is perfect for any landscaping and can be a great place to enjoy your morning coffee in peace. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a nook and reading your favorite novel with your plants all around you.

4. Get Spotted with A Decorative Tree

a big tree plant in corner garden

The benefit of having a decorative tree in the garden is providing shade in the summer. This means that you can have a shady spot out in the garden when it gets really hot. A decorative tree also looks attractive and can bring color to your garden.

Corner Flower Bed Ideas

5. Raised Planters for Corner Yard

Raised Planters for Corner Yard

A raised planter is an excellent idea for anyone with limited space in their yard. Raised planters are usually made of wood, stone, or other materials. There are so many different kinds of plants and vegetables that can grow in them. This guide will show you how to build a sunny corner with raised planters.

6. Simple Flower Bed Ideas

flower bed in corner garden

One of the most common corner garden ideas is having a raised bed designed with edging. In addition to the raised bed, there are various other garden bed shapes and sizes to consider, such as box planters and circular gardens. Love the look? You might like our edging ideas with rocks too.

7. Corner Garden with Cinder Blocks

Flower corner garden with cinder block

This is an excellent idea if you need to use any corner space in your yard. It is very cost-effective and relatively easy to do. All you’ll need is some cinder blocks and a hammer to create your garden extension. If you want something with a more excellent look, consider using bricks instead of cinder blocks. You can find plenty of inspiration from this collection of cinder block raised beds.

Backyard Corner Landscaping Ideas

8. Oasis with Fire Pit

A corner garden with a fire pit

Something is relaxing and serene about a corner garden with a fire pit. A few chairs, patio string lights, and a fire pit are pretty much all you need to create your corner garden in the backyard. Looking for more backyard fire pit ideas? You will find plenty in our guide.

9. Rock Garden for Yard Corner

small rock garden for backyard corner

An excellent option for a dark corner is to plant a succulent zen garden. It can help control erosion, maintain the natural beauty of your grass. You can find how to make a DIY Zen garden in this guide.

10. Corner Garden with Waterfall

Corner Garden with Waterfall

The waterfall adds so much to the garden and makes it seem so tranquil. This would be perfect for anyone who likes to take long walks and wants to enjoy the sound of running water. If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your backyard, this is one of the many ways to make it more enjoyable. Here are some ideas for small pond waterfalls if you need further inspiration.

11. Boho-style Corner Garden Idea

Boho-style Corner Garden

This garden landscaping idea would include flowers, lights, and other decorative items in the Bohemian style. The boho style is associated with tribal patterns woven into their clothing for an earthy or hippie vibe. 

Love the look as much as we do? Bohemian chic garden ideas will further inspire you to create a charming scheme.

12. Vertical Garden Idea

A vertical garden for backyard corner

A vertical garden is a perfect option for people who don’t have much space in their backyard. A deck wall and comfy sitting area will serve as the ideal mood-setter for your garden. See our recent guide for even more timber landscaping ideas.

13. Corner Garden with Cozy Seating

seating bench in backyard corner

This garden seating idea is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your space. In addition, it’s a good spot for enjoying a book or sitting down with drinks and snacks. You can also add some flowering plants in the little corner garden for an added pop of color and ambiance in your outdoor space. Follow these instructions to transform your awkward corner garden into a looking-chic corner garden.

14. Hanging Flower Garden Boxes

Hanging Flower Garden Boxes on Wall

This design for a corner garden provides an example of how you can utilize unused space in your yard. A hanging box is a good idea for a corner garden that takes up relatively little space. It can be used to get vegetables or flowers.

15. Fountain Garden Idea

Corner garden with fountain

Incorporating a fountain into your yard can help you achieve an area that is both peaceful and calming. When deciding to have a corner garden, consider the specifics and the size of the space before adding in any additional elements such as a pond or fountain. Looking for other water features? This article has plenty to offer.

16. Be Creative with Gallery Wall

 cozy garden corner

Having a corner garden with a gallery wall is an excellent idea for adding more plants to your backyard. This will also help you with having something exciting and different in the outdoor area. Check out the gallery wall and privacy screen ideas in this article if you need more inspiration.

17. Backyard Garden with A Pond

Backyard Garden with A Pond

This is a great way to use the space, and it will add an element that people can interact with. Water plants help beautify this area, and the bamboo fence gives the garden an Eastern feel. Other plants, stone pathways, and rocks add unity to this space.

18. Corner Yard with Lanterns

Corner Yard with Lanterns

The corner backyard seating with lanterns is an excellent idea for people who want cultural and comfortable outdoor landscaping. The pergola roof gives the garden a feeling of comfort, while the white paper lanterns overhead provide an atmosphere during nighttime. It also brings in a festival feel to the yard. You may also add string lights in the area.

19. Decorate Corner Garden with Pop Style

pebble path through garden

Owners of corner gardens can use benches as a way to add color and as well as a focal point. In addition, the bench provides a nice place to sit and enjoy their garden, or it can be used as a resting spot on a walk through the neighborhood. Adding a pop-style bench is also a great way to make your corner garden unique and stylish.

20. Trellis

plants climbing on fence

Trellis is a great idea to have in your corner garden. It saves space and can be used for plants to grow upon, such as ivy plants. Trellises are not only good space savers but also create a cool and relaxed atmosphere in your corner garden.

21. Climbing Wall

flower and vegetable in corner garden

A corner garden with a climbing wall will help you grow vegetables. The corner garden can also provide you with a place for herbs and spices. If you need inspiration, check out our feature for more ideas on flower gardens.

22. Sculpture


One of the most creative corner garden ideas is with a sculpture. This idea works well in a narrow spot or when you have a small yard. You can find all kinds of different garden sculptures in this collection.

23. Put a shed in the corner

a shed built in corner garden

Storage sheds are versatile, and you can put pretty much anything in them. They are also great for storing tools, gardening equipment, and all those other bits and pieces. You might also be interested in our outdoor firewood storage ideas for more inspiration.


If you don’t have much space in your corner yard, consider adding something exciting and different to the area, such as a gallery wall or hanging flower garden boxes. If you’re looking to create a space that’s both cultural and comfortable outdoors, then look no further than the pergola roof with white paper lanterns overhead – it will give off a festival feel during evening hours!

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