19+ Garden Steps Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Amazing!

19+ Garden Steps Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard!

Garden steps are a great way to add some flair or functionality to your garden. They can be used for decorative purposes, as an access point, or even both! Here are 20 awesome ideas on how you can use them in your own garden!

DIY Garden Steps Ideas

1. Concrete Blocks Garden Stair

Concrete blocks garden stair built on slope

The concrete blocks make for a beautiful addition to your garden landscaping. They offer a more modern aesthetic, and they provide a cost-effective solution to your stair needs. This guide on how to build concrete blocks for garden stairs has all the expert tips you’ll need.

2. Log Stairs

Log stairs built in backyard garden

If you’re looking to add a whimsical staircase to your garden, consider using a log staircase. This unique feature will add character and appeal to any garden space. You can construct a log staircase with just a few large logs and an ax or chainsaw. Learn how to build log stairs in this guide.

3. Repurposed Old Tires

Repurposed Old Tires Garden Steps

Repurposing old tires can be an excellent option for your garden landscaping. Tires provide a sturdy and long-lasting material that won’t shift around as wooden or stone steps can.

They are cumbersome, and by taking advantage of the rubber on the sides, the tires will essentially grip into the ground to keep them in place.

This is not an option for all types of gardens, but it depends on what you need the steps for. The following guide will explain how to make DIY repurposed old tires garden stairs.

Are you interested in repurposing old items? We’ve compiled a collection of 29+ Yard Art From Junk to help you get inspired!

4. Garden Steps with Decorative Planters

Garden Steps with Decorative Planters

The garden steps are perfect for any outdoor space. They can be used on their own or paired with other garden furniture for a cohesive look. The decorative planters add color and life to the surface of these steps. The following steps will show you how to build garden steps with decorative planters.

Garden Steps On Slope

5. Green Steps

vegetables garden in wooden box

Green steps can be an easy and rewarding project for your garden. These stairs will not only create a more attractive path to your sloped yard, but they will also soften the dirt and terrain around them. You can plant different flowers and plants in them, and it will not only look great but keep your garden lively all year round. You will learn how to build green garden stairs step-by-step in this guide.

6. Water feature stairwell

water feature combine with garden stairwell

The water features design above incorporates a waterfall to make the garden steps more aesthetically pleasing. You can create a water feature to run along the length of your garden steps by placing a pipe at a steep angle and funneling a stream downwards. This design will give you a sound that mimics a babbling brook and adds an element of movement that captures the small ripples caused by footfalls. You can find more information about this water feature stairwell design in this article.

7. Bricks and Wooden Planks

garden staircase made of bricks and wooden planks

This garden staircase is made of large bricks and wooden planks. Both are budget-friendly. The bricks are stacked to form the steps, while the planks are used for support on top of the stairs. You can learn how to install timber and brick steps in this guide.

8. Paving Steps

paving steps in backyard garden

At the top of the garden steps, a well-trimmed green lawn and boulders make up the borders. Smooth paving slabs and broken concrete appear occasionally and bend in all directions with these boundaries set in place.

Outdoor Steps Ideas

9. Garden Steps with Handy Handrails

Garden Steps With Handy Handrails

The steps pictured above are a great example of how handrails can also have an aesthetic impact on garden stairs. The materials used to make it- logs, hemp, and rope -offer a stunning focal point that improves the looks of the stairs and provides a practical function by giving a handrail for safety purposes. The materials used can offer many different styles, from rustic and adventurous to elegant and stylish. You can find more inspiration for these garden steps with handy handrails in this article.

10. Modern minimalism

nice and modern patio garden

The modern minimalistic garden will often be sparsely planted and not include any shrubs. The space is typically covered in pebbles or river rocks. It may also make use of a few pieces of bench seating. This type of garden is perfect for those with small backyards, with no large trees to accommodate the need for shade. See this article for more inspiration on these modern minimalism garden steps.

11. Mosaic Garden Stairs

How to Make Mosaic Garden Stairs

If you already have stairs, but they are just too dull, create these mosaic stairs! The mosaic stairs are a fun and easy way to add some color to your walkway. All you need is a little bit of creativity. You can use any tile to cover your stairs or make an original design. Check out this guide for more unique mosaic patterns.

12. Inlaid River Rocks or Beach Stones

Garden stairs with river rocks

These steps provide a unique and custom feel to the space, adding colors and textures that might not be possible with other materials. The bright green plants complete the scene at the top of the stairs. You can make these steps with an assortment of rocks in different sizes and colors. Why not add them to your flower garden ideas for a functional yet stylish way to make the most of the space?

13. Flagstone Slabs

flagstone garden path

Large flagstones are an excellent material for garden paths and stairs. They’re heavy, so installing them isn’t a DIY job. The cost of these stones is also more affordable than marble or granite.

14. Flagstone And Pebble Path

Flagstone And Pebble Path

If you want the look of a country garden but not the hassle, then consider walking on flagstone or pebble steps. A series of these will create an inviting path to your next potting project on the porch. You can find lots more lovely rock garden ideas in our guide.

15. Large Flagstone And Pebble Mixture

Large Flagstone And Pebble Mixture

In this easy-to-navigate garden, the large pieces of flagstone are arranged in a way that beckons you to continue walking through your yard. The small pebbles are an excellent way to fill in space without diminishing the overarching theme of the path.

16. Scandinavian-inspired Stone Circle Simplicity

Scandinavian-inspired Stone Circle Simplicity

The Scandinavian-inspired stone circle simplicity is an excellent example of achieving a simple yet elegant solution. The stylistic yet straightforward design is an attractive feature that will appeal to all types of design preferences. This modern house features these Scandinavian-inspired stone steps, so take a look for your inspiration.

17. Earthy Red Wood-grain Pops Against Green

red-wood steps in backyard

Having red-wood steps in your backyard can be an excellent way to add style to the area. With the great choice of colors, they also provide a good contrast against green spaces. The red-wood garden steps are a perfect example of the earthy color scheme. The color pops against the green grass and makes it seem brighter. You can learn how to DIY red-wood steps for your garden in this article.

18. Dramatic Mandala-inspired Stone And Brick Spiral

Dramatic Mandala-inspired Stone And Brick Spiral

This Mandala-inspired design can create a sense of peace and tranquility in the backyard. This type of spiral design also is used for meditation purposes. It is a fantastic addition to your garden’s décor!

19. Brick Stairway

flower pots placed on brick stairs

The brick stairway for gardens is the perfect way to make your garden more inviting. The stairway will serve as an attractive entry point, be a beautiful backdrop for plants, create a striking centerpiece, or offer a place to sit and enjoy your plants up close.

20. Rounded retainers

Rounded Retainers

The use of rounded stone for garden steps is an attractive way to tie your landscaping design into your exterior stairs. This design also lets you walk down the slope easily. The rocks are a great way to make your garden steps stand out and catch the eye of anyone walking up to them.


Garden steps can be a great way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Whether you want something simple or more dramatic, there are many different types of garden stairs for gardens that will appeal to every taste and budget. From flagstone paths with pebble fillers to wood-grain pops against green foliage, these examples show how easy it is to create an inviting path that leads you into your backyard oasis!

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