Zupapa vs Skywalker Trampoline – Which Brand Should You Choose? 

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We are often asked to compare two trampoline brands and this time it’s Zupapa vs Skywalker, two big names in trampoline manufacturing. While Skywalker is the heavy hitter with some of the most popular trampoline models sold anywhere, Zupapa brings the renowned German quality standards to the fight. Let’s see how they compare!

Zupapa vs Skywalker Comparison

Before we can get to the side by side comparison, the first decision you need to make is what shape do you want your trampoline to be? If you are not sure about the pros and cons of the different shapes you can read our guide here.

Since Zupapa only makes round models, if you have decided on square, rectangular or oval shape, Skywalker is your only choice between these two names. You can find these Skywalker models here.

Another Skywalker-only option is the mini trampoline for toddlers aged 1-3. One of the most reviewed trampoline models of all time, you can find this crowd favorite for small kids here.

Now that we got the odd shapes out of the way, let’s look at the round models side by side.

Sizes and safety 

Zupapa offers 4 sizes, 10ft, 12 ft, 14 ft and 15ft as well as a fitness rebounder. Their round models come in 2 styles, Saffun (safe+fun) and the Safump (safe+jump).

a little girl jumping on skywalker trampoline safely

While both styles have a safety-first focus, the Saffun style trampolines have their safety nets on the outside of the (fully covered) spring zone for extra space. Safump models have their safety nets inside the spring zone, further minimizing the chance of accidents.

Skywalker makes 3 sizes, 8ft, 12ft and 15ft plus their new fitness rebounder options. Their round models come with a no-gap enclosure design and the enclosure net is on the inside of the spring zone. You can buy accessories such as basketball hoops, ladders, and covers from the manufacturer.


Both brands are solid here and receive good feedback from buyers on sturdiness and quality of materials.

Zupapa uses more springs compared to most other manufacturers which should add extra bounciness and longevity to the trampoline. It probably also part of the reason why their models have higher weight limits than the Skywalker models of the same size.

a girl jump high on good construction skywalker trampoline

Another reason is that their net poles are extended all the way till the ground, rather than just attached to the top of the legs. This effectively doubles the strength of each leg since it is tied to the extended net pole in two points.

Skywalker uses reinforced T-sockets to attach the net poles to the legs. While this is also a solid option, its not as strong as Zupapa’s solution.

Price and warranty

Zupapa models cost considerably more than the equivalent sizes from Skywalker. However, they also come with some accessories included such as a ladder and rain cover. These need to be purchased separately for Skywalker.

Another big difference between the two brands is the warranty they offer for their products.

While Skywalker has a very respectable 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year for the other parts, Zupapa backs their trampolines with a whopping 10-year warranty for the frame and 2-years for the parts.

On top of that, they extend the start of the warranty until the beginning of the nearest season, effectively adding another 1-6 months to their cover, depending on the time you buy.

Fitness rebounders 

Skywalker has only started to offer rebounders recently, so we don’t yet have enough information on these models to do a meaningful comparison.

Zupapa has a solid fitness trampoline with a handle for extra safety. It comes with the usual high-quality materials and manufacturing from the brand but costs more than double the price of the Skywalker rebounders.

Final Verdict on Zupapa vs Skywalker 

It’s a close call, folks. We declare that the value for the money from these brands is close to a tie. While Zupapa takes the crown on a side by side comparison for most features, their models also come at a significantly higher price point.

If you are looking to buy a square, oval or mini trampoline, Skywalker is the clear choice. They are also a great buy if you are looking for a safe round model without breaking the bank.

If top quality and longevity is your main concern – and have the higher budget to invest, Zupapa is the way to go as they went the extra mile to manufacture their models to the highest standards.