23 Inspiring Pond With Waterfall Ideas for Your Backyard

23 Inspiring Pond With Waterfall Ideas For Your Backyard

The pond waterfall is a beautiful addition to any landscape. Creating the perfect water feature can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! With these 23 pond waterfall ideas, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and aesthetic needs.

Small Pond With Waterfall Ideas

1. Au Naturale

small pond in corner garden

With such a beautiful design, setting up the Au Naturale waterfall and making the garden look its best becomes worth the effort. This small pond waterfall is perfect for those who want their garden filled with lush plants and seem like a true natural gem.

2. Pond Waterfall In A Bowl

 pond waterfall in a bowl

A pond in a bowl is great for those who want something more subtle. It’s much easier to move than a big pond, but it will still have the same calming effect on your backyard. This is the perfect solution if you’ve ever wanted to have an outdoor space for entertaining guests. Place it near your seating area for maximum effect.

3. Pond with Lily Pads

pretty lily pad flower in pond

A water lily pond is a great place to have a waterfall, as it can provide an excellent deal of scenery for your backyard. Waterfalls are aesthetically pleasing, and they also offer sound therapy. A waterfall will make your backyard space tranquil, which can help you relax. This will be a nice change from the noise that you may experience during the day.

4. Koi Pond Waterfall Idea

koi fish swimming in pond

This pond has plenty of room for koi fish to grow and thrive. The waterfalls will provide the fish with oxygen, which they need to thrive. Koi are social creatures and like living with other fish, regardless of their species.

5. Rock stack

stacked rock fountain in garden

The rock stack also makes a great addition to your landscaping with little or no maintenance. You can make the top of the rock like a waterfall. If you are looking for some indoor decorating ideas, you can use these as well!

There are many ways that you can combine different elements to create this rock stack. Here are the steps you need to make a stacked stone water feature in your landscape.

Large Pond With Waterfall Ideas

6. Urban Pond with Waterfall

stone border around garden pond

What could be better than an urban pond in your backyard? They are simple to build, and the experience is always enjoyable. Many different types of waterfalls can be built for your urban pond. The trick is to find the one that will fit in with the natural landscape of your yard.

7. Woodland Landscaping Pond

peaceful and relaxing garden with pond

Woodland ponds are very common. People enjoy having them in their backyard not only for their beauty but also because they are very relaxing.

There are different types of fish-safe rubber liners which you can use for your pond. There are also limestone rocks embedded into the water, so you get a natural effect.

8. Floating Pathway Pond

floating pathway over pond in your backyard

Having a pond in your backyard is both fun and relaxing. It would be an opportunity to explore the natural world. With the floating pathway in your backyard, it could look like you’re walking on water. Read this helpful article for more information on floating steps.

9. Waterfall in Vegetable Garden

waterfall in vegetable garden

Adding a waterfall in the vegetable garden or backyard is an excellent idea. Your family and guests can relax in your garden when they want to spend time together.

The best kind of pond waterfall is the one that has a natural rock edge with plants surrounding them. You might also be interested in our stone edging ideas for the garden.

10. Botanical Garden with Waterfall

pond and waterfall with flowers

A botanical garden is perfect for turning your yard into a picturesque setting. To do this, surround the pond and waterfall with flowers. If you want to make them more exciting or colorful, plant different flowers close to each other.

One option is to plant daylilies, irises, meadow sage, ornamental grasses, and wildflowers around the pond. Here are some more flower garden ideas for inspiration.

11. Pondless Waterfall

pond and waterfall with stacked flat rocks and pebble

A pondless waterfall made from stacked flat rocks is an excellent alternative to a pond for a small backyard. A pump is used to transport the water from the pebbled area up to the top of the waterfall to create the beautifully relaxing sound of cascading water. This guide will show you how to build a pondless waterfall with a stream.

12.Vessel Feature

beautiful water feature in garden

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a pond in your backyard? This pond features a vessel from which water flows over rocks and is artfully illuminated to enjoy the evening.

13. Rustic stone wall

beautiful rustic stone wall waterfall in backyard

The rustic stone waterfall is the perfect feature for the landscaping idea. This wall is easy to create by arranging stones in style. It has a warm, natural appearance typical of old buildings.

DIY Pond Waterfall Ideas

14. Bamboo fountain

Small pond with bamboo fountain

The bamboo fountain is an excellent choice for those looking to create an Asian feel to their garden. Bamboo is well known for its ability to clean pond water, and it even absorbs sunlight for hours which can help warm your pond during the winter months. Learn how to build a bamboo fountain for your garden with this DIY project.

15. Wall of water

wall of water in small garden

If you are looking for a way to spice up your backyard with an unusual decor idea, the wall of water is the perfect solution. This exterior decoration is almost hypnotic to look at and will provide your garden with a center point.

The wall of water is best suited for a larger space. However, it can be used in the center of a pond or on pebbles.

16. Raised Timber Pond with Water Feature

 raised timber pond with water feature

This raised timber design looks like it would take quite some planning to work out how the water moves through the different tiers. If you are looking for more awesome timber landscaping ideas, our guide will come in handy.

17. Canoe Pond

small garden and pond in canoe

This canoe pond is a fantastic idea to add to your yard. It looks cool, and it seems like you navigate the water in a canoe, which would be fun. This is one of the most excellent abstract pond ideas we’ve ever seen! You should consider this for your pond!

18. Letterbox Style

Pond and waterfall with shrubs

One of the most calming and soothing sounds in life is water movement. A soothing sound that can be heard ever so faintly when you walk past a pond or waterfall.

The letterbox waterfall design is an open, modern arrangement that uses very little space and comes with various styles and colors to fit your decorating needs.

19. Waterfall Stairs in Rectangular Pond

rectangular pond with waterfall in garden

The design of this rectangular pond is perfect for a Zen garden. The waterfall is done in such a way that it cascades down the steps. You would need to have more than one step so you can have more movement. 

This kind of rectangular pond is a great match with corner garden ideas for small spaces.

20. Illuminated

small pond with stacked stone waterfall

An illuminated waterfall can help to create a romantic, peaceful space. The pond waterfall features lights that focus on the rocks and plants at night.

Raised Pond Waterfall Ideas

21. Raised Pond With Paving Stones

raised pond with paving stones in garden

A form of the raised pond with paving stones is one idea for a waterfall. The price and sizes vary depending on what you want. You can also add boulders or rocks.

22. Whiskey Barrel Water Feature

Pond made from whiskey barrel

If you’re looking for a waterfall that doesn’t take up any space, you should turn to a whiskey barrel pond. It is an excellent example of how to be creative in designing a home pond.

23. Flower Bed Waterfall

flower wooden bed waterfall in backyard garden

Garden designers are always looking for creative ways to incorporate water in their designs. One option is to create a flowerbed waterfall that will add movement and sound to your garden. Waterfalls come in many different sizes and shapes to design them with the space you have available.


The size of the pond or water feature will depend on how much space you have available. For a small garden with little room for a large pond area, consider installing a miniature pond instead. If you’re looking for more abstract ideas and don’t take up any room at all, we recommend using either a whiskey barrel or flat rock version of this outdoor decoration.

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