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 Backyard Games & Fun

This is where you will find all articles about trampolines, bouncing castles, playgrounds and everything else that involves playing and having a good time in the backyard.

the three of oval skywalker trampolines with nets

Founded in 2004, the Skywalker brand quickly made its mark in the industry through their quality trampolines that are built with the safety of the users in mind.

the five trampolines for shape collection rectangular vs oval vs round vs square

The first choice you will be faced with is which shape trampoline to buy. This article aims to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

three types of jumpking trampolines and one of them has basketball backboard

One of the leading brands on the trampoline market today, JumpKing can seem like an obvious choice when considering buying one of these bouncy wonders.

Here are some cool, simple ideas to help you get started. Many of these are budget friendly and can be done in an afternoon family DIY session.

close up of colorful spring pads trampoline

Measuring a trampoline can be tricky though, but we have broken it down for you by components for all the different trampoline shapes.

a trampoline with a ball in the warm outdoor backyard

Trampolines do have their own set of requirements but following instructions precisely will help make it a dream come true. 

the three bounce pro trampolines in white background for a glance

The brand grew popular among customers due to this non-compromising attitude for safety combined with competitive prices and an exciting array of accessories.

three pictures perform back handspring in correct way

Before attempting to do a back handspring on a trampoline, it is important to know what a back handspring is, how to execute it properly and the link between the trampoline.

zupapa and skywalker trampolines on white background

While Skywalker is the heavy hitter with some of the most popular trampoline models sold anywhere, Zupapa brings the renowned German quality standards to the fight.

frame of trampoline

While most people use trampolines when looking to relax and have a good time, not many know how the recreational device works.