23 Flower Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

23 flower garden ideas for your backyard

You don’t need to be a flower expert to have a garden in your backyard. All you need is your imagination and the willingness to learn what flowers are suitable for different climates.

And with 23 ideas that we will explore in this article, you will find something perfect for your needs. So if you want to have beautiful flower garden without spending hours on research, read on!

Simple Flower Gardens

1. Fairy Garden

fairy gardens in pot

These miniature gardens feature small plants, tiny structures, and little statues. Fairy gardens are trendy among kids as they let them be creative while also teaching them more about gardening.

They can be as small or large as you like. Find out how to build a fairy garden with kids here!

2. Rose Garden

a beautiful rose garden

It is beautiful to see a backyard full of roses in the summertime. Roses attract honeybees, and they give off a lovely scent. These rose garden ideas will help you create a beautiful outdoor space.

3. Terra Cotta Pot

a beautiful terra cotta pot garden

Gardeners and homeowners often put terra cotta pots in the ground to create a beautiful flower garden for their homes.

These pots are often used for annuals such as petunias, geraniums, daisies, or impatiens. Gardeners can also use clay pots for other plants like bulbs, tree roots, and shrubs.

Check out which plants thrive in terracotta pots first if you are interested in this flower garden idea!

4. Tree Stump

A small flower garden in the tree stump

After you’ve taken down your lawn’s massive trees, there are probably still some stumps left. Don’t let them become an eyesore!

Turn them into planters and grow your flowers there for a neat and excellent addition to any garden. Check out this article on how to make a tree stump planter!

Need more ideas for utilizing tree stumps for your backyard? You will find more in our firepit seating ideas.

Garden Layout Ideas

5. Garden Path

a fresh blooming flower garden

A garden path, also known as a floral walkway, is a paved pathway commonly found in English gardens. You can find more info in this guide on how to design a garden path.

6. Knot Garden

An excellent knot garden

The knot garden is like a fine wine: first, you taste the goodness, but it takes on some complex and sometimes even unexpected characteristics that enchant and delight your senses over time!

Check out this guide on how to build a knot garden to find more helpful information and tips.

Small Flower Gardens

7. Spilled Flower Pot Garden

Flower garden in the broken clay pot

You can use leftover clay pots to create a flower garden. All you need to do is fill the flower pot with soil and plant flowers.

You can place your flower pots in your yard or flower beds or line them up along the sidewalk for colorful additions to your walkway. Find more flower pot garden ideas in this article.

8. Flower Garden With Wheelbarrow

Flower garden in old wheelbarrow

An old metal wheelbarrow provides a gorgeous focal point to this small flower garden idea. It will stand out beautifully with violets and tiny plants of all colors.

This guide will show you how to make your wheelbarrow planter; check it out!

9. Raised Garden Beds

raised garden beds in backyard

Raised flower garden beds are a great way to create a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to your outdoor space.

You may use a wide range of plants in them to create an attractive design. If you’re interested in raised garden beds, here is the step-by-step instruction on how to build a raised bed.

10. Flower Garden Ring

small round flower garden

A flower garden ring is a great way to add a beautiful focal point to any backyard. This idea is a very simple way to get fresh flowers every day.

The flowers are a great piece of artwork, and the colors will always compliment the scenery. You can find more round flower bed ideas in this guide.

11. Recycled Rubber Tires

Recycled Tires flower garden

A new way to use recycled rubber tires is by using them for gardening. To do this, take an old tire, drill holes around the top for drainage, and fill it with soil inside.

Then you bring flowers or shrubs and plant them in the tire. Then fill in around the plants with more soil or mulch. Check out these creative tire planter ideas for more inspiration!

12. Hanging Flower Garden

colourful flowers and butterflies

Hanging flower gardens are a great way to spruce up your landscaping. It is easy to build and is a perfect choice for a small outdoor space.

Something like this works well for corner garden ideas – our feature has more looks if you like the style.

13. Cinder Blocks

a simple cinder block garden pond

Cinder blocks are the perfect addition to your flower garden in your backyard. The flowers are planted in the blocks, and when the blooms come out, it looks super sweet. You can learn how to build a cinder block garden in this blog post!

Backyard Garden Ideas

14. Garden Trellis

butterfly flying in the garden

A garden trellis, or flower trellis, is a structure you can build to help increase the flower garden’s aesthetics.

It also provides a better environment for climbing plants like beans, peas, cucumber, and tomatoes. You can find more info in this guide on how to build a garden trellis.

15. Cottage Garden

purple and white flower garden

A cottage garden often displays a wild or natural look. The colors and textures of flowers are often mixed.

Want to know how to plan a cottage garden? This guide is full of valuable tips.

16. Formal Garden

flower garden cinder block

A formal flower garden is a type of garden around houses. The flowers are planted in geometric patterns for professional-looking results.

Typically, gardeners design the plants apart from one another. A formal flower garden can also include shrubs, small trees, and other garden features that complement the flowers.

Sounds interesting? Get started with this guide on how to design a formal garden!

17. Edible Flower Garden

An edible flower garden hanging on fence

Different kinds of flowers and herbs grow in this garden, providing a wide variety of flavors and nutrients.

For example, lavender, chamomile, and rose petals all have the scent that can help calm you and make bath time more relaxing. Rose petals are often used to make tea, and they also have lots of health benefits like helping with depression and boosting your immune system! 

You can find more info in this article on the best edible flowers to grow in your garden.

18. Perennial Garden

yellow and white garden flowers

One idea for a flower garden is to plant perennials in the backyard. This idea is a good choice because they will come back year after year.

The perennial garden will also provide an abundance of color and variety each season. It is low-maintenance and requires little work from you. Find more perennial garden design ideas in this blog post.

19. Rain Garden

flower growing in rock garden

There is something so calming about walking along the path in the yard while it rains and hearing rain drip off of leaves overhead.

The best thing about this place is that many flowering plants and fungi bloom during the rainy season! Get more information on how to build a rain garden here!

20. Bog Garden

small wildlife friendly flower garden

A bog garden is a garden that is planted in moist soil with the help of the sun. You can grow a large variety of trees and plants in this type of garden.

These plants can provide shade, beauty, and wildlife habitat. The soil must be well-drained because if too much water is present, it will be impossible for most plants to grow.

Want to know how to make a bog garden? This tutorial will help you out.

21. Tropical Garden

Fresh Tropical garden in the backyard

A tropical backyard garden is the perfect living space for warm-weather plants, flowers, and wildlife.

A tropical backyard can also act as an extension of your home with natural outdoor features like ponds, waterfalls, and creeks.

This article explores how to make your dream tropical garden a reality.

22. Japanese Garden Style

beautiful lush japanese garden

The Japanese-style garden is one of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing types of design.

The scenario usually relies on the effects that it creates in the mind instead of the tricks it employs to create illusions.

The goal is for people to experience a sense of peace, tranquility, and balance. Learn how to create a Japanese garden in this guide.

23. Zen Garden

gen garden in your backyard

Zen gardens, also called Japanese rock gardens, appeal to people who like precisely clipped shrubs. Zen gardens emphasize the principles of naturalness (Shizen), simplicity (Kanso), and austerity (Koko).

Love the look as much as we do? With our beautiful rock garden ideas, you’ll find yourself even more inspired to create a unique scheme.


We hope this list has given you some inspiration to get out there and create your beautiful flower garden. It’s a great way to show off your green thumb or just enjoy the outdoors among nature’s beauty. Enjoy!

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